My Mac

Going to give this blog a second, third, or whatever number attempt this is! I am so pumped, finally got a Mac book today. Makes it a lot easier to blog when you have ummm a COMPUTER!

Here is a pic of me with my Mac! Aren’t I gorgeous?? I have to laugh because my sister (Sessy) and I have been making fun of my Mom recently because she calls all of her apple products “My”…My iphone…My Mac…My ipad….well this is now MY MAC mom:)

It is amazing how you much I can act like a child on Christmas with electronics…I drove 30 minutes to the UPS site  today to pick up MY MAC. Pathetic, I know…but so totally worth it! You would do it too!

Three things you can count on in this blog:

1. I will share a lot of food pics (aka food porn)

2. I will share a lot of running stories (I am training for a marathon)

3. I will share a lot of jokes, funny stories…they may not be funny to you…I apologize for that.

Today was our (runner roomie and I) 4 mile run day…we do a long run Saturday…up to 16 miles. Amazing how my body has adapted to the mileage….we shall see how this one goes!

Dinner tonight was my fav Oven Roasted Cauliflower recipe from Pinterest! So easy and so delicious…recipe is posted at the bottom. Followed with a salad with raisins, cucumbers, red peppers and my new fav salad dressing Boathouse Olive Oil and Vinaigrette…yum!

Tonight I will be dreaming about this…..

Yes folks that is Cake Batter Protein powder!! get it get it!!

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