English Muffin Factories and The World’s Best Blister

My Friday nights are becoming a lot like my Friday nights when I used to swim in college…minus the 12 other roomies I had who were also swimmers. At least I still have RR (runner roomie). My low-key Fridays usually consist of one beer at happy hour after work to have a nice little vent session before the weekend, then some grad work, and prep for the long run to come (17 miles to be exact)! (If you are having troubling commenting on my blog, please email me)

 I am generally a pretty “happy person” but this ginormous Shock Top made me even happier on a Friday afternoon. 
It is always so hard to watch co-workers munch on chips, con queso, nachos, wings etc. although I would like to indulge, if you have ever run more then 6 miles you know that grease is not your GI tracks friend. So of course while everyone gorges themselves I sit and decide what I will eat when I get home, what I can throw together to give me energy for the run. 
I threw together the rest of that spinach I had from breakfast, cut up a chicken breast that was starting to stare at me in the fridge, and whole wheat spaghetti (a runners best friend). I sprinkled Parmesan cheese  and it was delicious. (I have a very serious addiction to Parmesan cheese, just ask my mom the “Parmesan” and black boots story). 
Also a trick I decided to try was to cut the chicken breast into bite size pieces with a scissor instead of cooking and then cutting…it turned out perfect and was so much easier then cutting after it has been cooked. It is not a “mama” trick, it is my original trick that I am sure no one has ever thought of before !
This is what I do on Friday nights, take pics of myself for this blog…aka I have the attention span of a 2 year old when I do grad work. By the way, that Gorgeous tee I am sporting was ONLY given to me at Victoria’s secret when I spent more than $50…only me. That’s right. I was sleeping shortly after this, come on it was already 8:30 guys.
The 17 Miler 
RR and I decided to wake up at 5am and head out for our usual Saturday morning long run by 6. We try to eat ASAP when we wake up, then let our oatmeal sit it in our bellies for an hour so we have time to digest. I have decided that since I am putting my body through a 17 mile run I am allowed to eat my breakfast of oatmeal, PB, banana and raisins in bed. So yes, those are my sheets and comforter. Whatever makes you happy:)
This picture makes me seriously laugh out loud. This was taken before our eyelids were barely open. We always say it is good we do our long runs so early before our bodies know what the heck we are doing to them. RR and I decided to do a “muscle” pose and this is how it turned out. Don’t you love my new Nike Dry Fit?? Runner roomie surprised me with that after my race last week! She is the best. It was the perfect shirt today because we truly ran in the wild. We did a nice long country run and saw cows, deer, dead snakes (RR did NOT like this), and best of all we discovered where the English Muffin Factory is! This is no joke…I could see RR in front of me (she is always in front of me:) starting to sniff and I looked to the left and there was a Thomas’s English Muffin factory! This would’ve been fantastic if we were finishing our run..but I think we still had about 10 miles at this point…whomp whomp. 
Our Post Run Meal
Tie-Dye Pancakes
I have told many people when they ask “what do you think about for 17 miles?” my answer is food, food, food, and more food. RR and I tried Chobani pancakes the other weekend after a long run so we decided to give them a whirl again. We put a little spin on it this time and made them “Tie-Dye” pancakes. 
Here is my flipper! 
They turned out delicious. Here is the link to Chobani Pancakes. Then all we did was add Peanut Butter M&Ms (because Rite Aid didn’t carry chocolate chips…but I was glad, the substitution with these guys was AMAZING!)… then we added two chopped up bananas. Bananas are a runners second best friend. I chopped up some mango as well because I read in Runners World 108 Best Foods for Runners that Mango’s are also a great thing for runners to eat as well as maple syrup…don’t worry we fulfilled that need!
They are a little gooey…but that gooey means GOOD

We did have leftovers…but not many! RR wants to share with our visitors that we are having tonight…and I was being rude and said ” NO WAY!” I get very territorial over our Post-Run Meal. Good thing RR is nice. 

Tie-Dye pancakes a success! 3 pancakes did me in, I was so stuffed, but it was soo worth it:)
The Best Blister in the World

I am sure you couldn’t wait to read about blisters. This post is dedicated to Sessy who thinks my feet are so repulsive she literally yelled “ew” for an entire hour straight last weekend.
So I decided to go get a nice pedicure today to reward myself for a long run, and a delicious pancake concoction. Well I want everyone to know that the nice little man doing my feet (he is now my new BFF) told me ” I have seen blisters many times, but NEVER have I seen them this bad.” So…I officially have the worlds BEST blisters. Pretty. Don’t worry I will spare you a pic of the blisters. 
This is a very flattering picture of my thigh! 
The end result! Didn’t he do a great job? I sure hope he is able to eat dinner tonight. I swear no color on these sausage toes makes them look any slimmer. God gave me chubby fingers and toes, gotta accept it! At least I have the World’s Best Blisters:) Okay enough for now, people are staring at me in Starbucks for taking pictures of my feet. 

What are you doing on this beautiful fall day? Did you run too???

Have any funny pedicure/manicure stories to share?

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