How to Survive 8 miles on a Treadmill

This morning I decided to switch up my running days (we have a training calendar that we follow)…usually we do Tuesday 4-5 miles, Wednesday 7-8 miles, and Thursday 5 miles. I do not really like running three days in a row during the week because my knees do not like me if I do that. So I ran my 8 this morning (plus we have off school on Wednesday and I want to sleep in and enjoy my day off:). I have been taking my iPad down to the apartment gym and watching episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix. It is seriously AWESOME! I know it would be better for me to run outside, but when you feel you need to change-up your running routine in order to survive and not hate running forever you do what you can. (next week I will probably be cursing that treadmill and my iPad).

I was happy to see that glorious word “End”.

RR and I kinda like bananas. We have discovered that one bunch of bananas per runner per week is just not enough for the amount of bowls of oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, pre-run/post run snacks!!

“Greek Eggs in a Bowl”

This morning I decided I needed some eggs to get me goin’. I was going to go for my usual smoothie or oatmeal, but it was Monday and those meals can get boring. I sautéed half a red pepper and that leftover spinach (was a little wet and yuck but good for egg scramble!) I then scrambled up 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and mixed it all together in a fry pan. I added some feta cheese to the top which made it Greek (right??).

I also had a Light English Muffin with a little bit of Peanut Butter and Honey…also threw in a kiwi to add my “something sweet” to make the meal a great breakfast! Was very full from this one.

My “one-good thing” Decision

I decided I am going to try and post one good thing that happened either at work or in my day to help remind me that my life is pretty freakin’ awesome!

Today’s “one-good-thing” is this chocolate bar….my “school based mentor” dropped it off in my mailbox to congratulate me on surviving “parent-teacher” conferences. How cute is she?? Of course I had to break a piece off after lunch..whatever this “Duffins” stuff is…I am digging it. I left it in my desk so that I can eat more tomorrow…duh. The real good thing about this story is my co-workers…they are all awesome and so welcoming (it is my first year!)…

Things I am looking forward to this week…

Wednesday I have off and my mom is coming to visit!

What are you looking forward to this week?

Do you do any cool tricks with eggs you want to share??

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