Mom’s Day, Tea, and Olive Oil

Today was “Momnesday”… I decided since today was a sort-of rest day for me I would take my Mom to Baker’s Park for a walk. It was a gorgeous day, and I love showing off my new town. Plus it is always nice to walk where you usually run because you get to slowly take in the views as opposed to quick little spurts.

Baseball hats are cool!


My new town

Checking out the map, I still can’t find my way around…but I will say training for a marathon in a new town is a good way to learn!

Love my mama.

We then headed home for a shower, and picked up RR and her mom and headed to the most amazing place (my new obsession)…. The Serenity Tearoom . This place was a no-joke tea room. They have three different menus to choose from… we chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea Menu  . We were able to choose a scone…they feature a Monthly Scone and this months was a Lemon scone…my mom loves lemon so she got this one and I got the golden raisin scone and we did our usual split so we can try both. You then get (each) 6 adorable tea sandwiches, my favorite was the egg salad (I wish it was a teeeeny tiny bit bigger:)…and of course an get “endless” pot of tea (I always have to talk about the food first), I tried the Caramel black tea and ended up leaving with a bag of it because it was too delicious to not have to take home, I am for once looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning bright and early for a hot cup of tea.

Cheers to middle of the week days off!

Aren’t they so cute!? The one has an olive, and yes that other one has a piece of shrimp! All of the dishes are 95% homemade recipes.

Dessert…which pretty much was the entire meal (my favorite thing about it)…were fresh lemon bars, little mini fruit parfait cups, and white chocolate covered strawberries (I still can’t figure out what the purple yumminess is drizzled on top…but it was YUM)

My Mom loves tea, but is very picky…she loved the black teas, and also the “I’ll have a tiny-little-bit” tea sandwiches.

This is definitely a new tradition! We decided this is just a place for the ladies..and next time we will be wearing poofy shouldered dresses , white gloves, and we will be getting dropped off in our horse and buggy.

I had to get a picture with Blanch (the owner who also makes all of the food). Her scone recipe is her Grandmother’s recipe from South Carolina. She is seriously awesome. The tearoom is voted #1 in Maryland…we now know why.

We then headed to the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Shop… Called the Lebherz Olive Oil and Vinegar Emporium also known as L.O.V.E…

You may sample any of the 40+ Olive Oil’s and Vinegars…it really is LOVE…they even give you little pieces of bread. I love the Cinnamon Pear Balsamic Vinegar (hint, hint Santa:)

Today I am grateful for….

My parents and sister are Trader Joe’s freaks…everything they buy from this place is amazing. Unfortunately, I do not have a Trader Joe’s around here:( But wherever Rosemary goes (my mom)…she always has these Raisin Rosemary Crisps with her…and we usually always finish an entire box with hummus, cream cheese, everything/anything.

Things I am looking forward to…

My insurance allowed me to get new glasses..they also allowed me to be an official nerd…and I guess nerds are allowed to have pimples at the age of 25 too. They will be getting picked up tomorrow folks. Life. Is. Good.

Have you ever been to a tea room?

What is your favorite thing to do on a mid-day day off?

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