My Calf Complex and Movie ADD

Do you think it is fun or not fun when a professor tells you to watch a movie for a class? I am still torn about this one…I am kinda sorta watching “Cast Away” for my Abnormal Psychology class…I will be conceptualizing Chuck Noland with PTSD. If you have never watched a movie with me, then I will let you know that you don’t ever want to. I have a legit diagnosis (self-diagnosis counts) of Movie ADD. I just cannot sit still watching a 90 + minute movie! I must be folding wash, doing my nails, blogging, cleaning, eating, reading and the list goes on. I pretty much do anything but watch the movie. But I am trying with this one because I forgot how good it is and it is for my grad discussion board soooo I really should be watching. “Fireee!!”

Icing knee, painting nails, watching Cast Away…and also my Calf Complex. Sometimes when I look at my calf’s I realize they are HUGE like abnormally large. Sometimes during spin class I look around at other peoples calf’s…even men have smaller calf’s than me:( I know you can get calf implants…but can you get calf lipo suction?? If you know anything about this let me know, please. (but for reals I know those big ‘ol calf’s are helping me run 26.2 miles soon, so I will leave them alone for now).

Look at how gourmet I am!! AKA starving after the gym and wanting to eat everything in sight, so found the easiest thing to put together. Spinach flat-out (only 2points + !)…with some Salsa-Cottage Cheese and lettuce. Then grapes and some salad with beets, feta, pepper, and cucumber.

This is my version of a “naughty magazine”. My BFF Colleen got me a subscription to this mag for Christmas. Best Christmas gift. EVER. Stay tuned for some recipes posted soon from this one!


BODY Pumpinnn…I did it 2x this week! October Goal complete (well for this week so far).

As for my dessert goal..I would say I am doing a little better with my sugar intake, but it is a work in progress…does a protein brownie bar count as dessert??!?

What are your plans for the weekend!?

I am headed to my friend Carrie’s tomorrow and then getting my hair done on Saturday with my friend Ashley (soon to be bride). Then I am headed home to celebrate Meghan’s birthday and hang out with my parents and Lucy:)

Carrie and Oscar…see you tomorrow!

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