Friday Night Catch Up

Just be warned… I am currently blogging from my phone so expect more than the usual amount of grammar issues. It is so nice to see your friends happy, in love and settled into a great place! Last night I was able to visit my friend and old roommate Carrie and her boyfriend Max at their GORGEOUS home in Wyomissing PA. It felt weird coming back to this area being a “visitor”! But I felt right at home in the comfy guest room Max and Carrie made up for me… They even called it “my room”… That means I can move in one day, right??

We then went do dinner at a restaurant called The Hitching Post. I had been there once before with Max and Carrie but just for drinks. Well, tonight I got to eat and it was awesome! We also got to hang with Max’s brother Mike and his hilarious wife Kelly. Great to see everyone!

I had a salad with goat cheese (now a new obsession), grilled chicken, candied walnuts, strawberry and a raspberry vidallia vinaigrette. Amazing! I am going to try and recreate it next week!!

I am grateful for:
Friends from the past that make you feel like you never left!


This is what happens when you hit traffic. You make very bad decisions… Such as drinking a Diet Coke. (Okay, okay I’ve made worse decisions before!, but still soda is no good!)


Carrie, Me, Kelly! The wine was delicious.


My awesome salad. Sorry the pic is pretty bad, was ready to dive in.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Catch Up

  1. Carrie

    it was SO great to see you and catch up!! “your room” will always have an open door waiting for you to come back! thanks for a wonderfully fun night! xoxo

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