Rest, Relax, Renew

This blog post title came from the below picture…

Replace that bear with some blonde hair and it’s exactly how I feel when I go home….I love honey, and hibernating when it is cold out doesn’t seem so bad either.

I was able to get my 13 mile run in on Saturday, my mom was so kind and rode her bike the entire way and also talked the entire 13 miles:) I was hysterically laughing at some points (my mom has been known to have this effect) so I was not only running but also getting a great ab workout. My mom also dragged my butt out of bed to go to a 90 minute yoga class this morning…it was well worth it, my runner legs are still saying “namaste”. Glad I have an extremely “fit mama” who seems to have more energy then I do.

What was left of our delicious Margherita pizza…

Does anyone else open up their parents fridge and pantry’s the second they get home to see what goodies they might have?? Apples, PB, Raisins, Oatmeal….to name a few.

My mom said to me today “I think you just like blogging so you can see pictures of yourself”…okay, maybeee a little…I assume she must is speaking from experience (like mother like daughter) so here is her debut…isn’t she so stylish with her cute little rain coat at the Doylestown Produce Market after church this morning?? (Thanks for the fruits and veggies for the week!!)

I then got to stop by on my way home to wish my beautiful friend (Meghan) a Happy 26th! We could probably sit and chat for 500 more hours. I was sad that my “runners stomach” was not cooperating last night and I had to sit her birthday bash out. But was so glad we got to catch up…”old” friends are the best of friends.

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