You May Now Kiss The Bride (One Year Later)

Happy 1st Anniversary (and many more to come) to my sister and brother-in-law!! It was THE best wedding ever…here is a recap…just putting these pictures together was so fun.

We will start with my favorite picture..this picture truly is worth a thousand words. I have never seen my dad so excited and also so nervous! Love, love, love this picture.

Steph and Pat were married October 9th, 2011 at Salve Regina, in Newport, Rhode Island… It was the perfect day.

Mr. Greiner carved this pumpkin! I think he missed his calling…do I hear “professional pumpkin carver”?

My sister’s dress was incredible. Fit her perfectly, and was so “her”. Can I borrow it in 2090 when I get married, maybe?

My mom will get upset with me if I don’t put some pictures of her in this post too:) The reception was a dance party x100..”Everyday I’m shufflin”…

The reception took place at the Atlantic Beach Club…look at the hubby holding her shoes…if only he knew what he was getting himself into (JUST KIDDING guysss!)

We are family (look at that view!)

Just dance…now everyone knows where my sister and I get our AWESOME dance moves from…

The bride at the Marriott before boarding the trolley to the church…she has always got a little “sass” in her!

The bridal party..some people got cut out (I am sorry!)…everyone was great, I miss seeing them and need a reunion with the bridesmaids (AC AGAIN!?)

Here comes the bride! ooo I just got the chills

I now pronounce you “Mr. and Mrs. Costello” !! (Now, let’s party)

Absolute best picture from the end of the night. My cousin Isabella (the one sleeping) was the crazy flower girl running around ALL night but Lacy was the one who made it the longest…pretty much sums up our night!

Do you think she had fun!?

“You and me together, we could do anything, Baby, You and me together”

So fun “reliving” the wedding through these pictures….I have decided…we must do it again! Congratulations again love birds;)

8 thoughts on “You May Now Kiss The Bride (One Year Later)

  1. Rose Tesoro

    What a lovely tribute to Sessy and Pat…I can’t believe it’s been a year, I was feeling like I needed more than just Happy Anniversary…and now I got it from our resident memory keeper…thank you for being you…love you…

  2. Tina Leinbach

    Lizzy — you are so talented and so sweet! It was truly a magical and memorable day for all who were blessed to be a part of it! Steph, you are a knockout!

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