Breakfast, the new dinner

When my little 8th graders tell me they  are starving and don’t eat breakfast it evokes such a rage in me that they have learned their lessons to not disclose this information to me because they are in for a 3 hour lecture about the importance of breakfast. Because I don’t think any of them are reading my blog I don’t have to go into my breakfast spiel with you all…right!?

I love breakfast. People who say “my stomach hurts when I eat breakfast”…or “I am not hungry first thing in the morning”… must be alien’s from a different planet. Where I am from when you open an eyeball you are instantly starving. I will literally run an entire 8 miles at 5am and think about my different breakfast concoctions the entire time. Well this morning was no different. Today was a glorious REST day for RR and I…which means I was able to sleep in for an extra 90 minutes today! Do you even know what that does for a body!? More than milk does a body good, that’s for sure.

Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Banana, Blueberry Waffles (AKA “Waffle Wonders”)

  • Buy Ego’s “Pumpkin Spice Waffles” in the Frozen Section
  • Toast one until your desire of toasty-ness
  • Put 1 tbsp of PB on top
  • Cut up a banana
  • Put some blueberries on top or on the side
  • DIG IN

The waffles are NOT the healthiest thing in the world (think processed/refined sugar blahhh). But I am not concerned if they are just “part” of a balanced breakfast…PB=protein, fruit=good.

It was “college spirit day” at school today…reppin my fav BU sweatshirt.

I think they have a “light” shining out of them…that’s how special they are.

Here is another delicious easy breakfast! One egg, fry it or do whatever you like to it…put on a 100% whole grain English Muffin with a piece of FF cheese (or full fat)…add some grapes on the side. Easy. Filling. YUM

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