The Running Striptease That Wasn’t

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter. Second of all, this blog post is still rated G… I just had to get you to read it…if you are reading this right now, well then my plan worked! ha!

Long runs were really fun until there were  freeze advisories the night before. We decided to bundle ourselves up and begin our 19 miles at 8am instead of our usual 6am.

Don’t we look like we should be going in to space, directing traffic, or searching for Alien’s?      nahhh just embarking on a 19 mile run.

We decided to do another one of our oh-so-fun country runs around Adamstown. Once we got warmed up it wasn’t so bad…

Our plan was to “strip” our dry-fit’s and gloves off…but sorry, there was no “show”. We kept those layers on the entire run.

RR and I ran a nice straight 12 miles feeling great. We took our last GU, and said to each other “We got this, only 7 more”….I should ALWAYS remind myself that 7 at the end is a lot  harder than 7 at the beginning. Let’s just say I ended my last mile limping and crying from knee pain. RR was seriously amazing and slowed down to run her last mile with me…we talked about how there is no way in hell we could ever do this training alone…that was proven today.

Foam rolling felt so good today…not like it doesn’t every day.

This is a new stretch called “dead-runners-down-dog”

Will be doing this for a few days…might be taking a few days off this week from running to recoup my knee…and I am okay with that. I am doing what they call “listening to your body”…I am not going to push it because I NEED to be able to run 26.2 miles in a month. Time for ice, heat, ibuprofen…TLC

There it is! What will I blog about when I am not marathon training? Don’t get any ideas…won’t be training for another one of these for a LONG time I am thinking.

Can you believe this is the name of our favorite bagel shop?? Bagels & Bread. It should just be called “Runners, Stop Here”.

I went with the cinnamon crunch bagel with maple walnut cream cheese. Can you say AMAZING?

Sugar, carbs, cream cheese. My three favs. RR and I were going to get an entire tub of the maple walnut cream cheese but decided against it because we all know how long that would last in this apartment.

I have determined that my best mood “days” are on Saturdays after my long runs. This quote is true! I am so energized after these ridiculously long runs I feel like I could conquer the world, or buy everything at Wegmans, or write 5000 blog posts….

Here is a sneak peek of what will be to come tomorrow when I share a homemade baked good with you! And you know it has to be a good one if I made it after running 19 miles and was on a sugar, running, coffee high…

They have this in them…

And I am now “sick” to my stomach after making them….

Can you guess what they might be?

Oh and by the way it feels almost as good to cross these little blocks off as it does when we walk in the door after 19 miles….

Hope you are having a very-fallunderful-weekend! xoxoxoxoxo

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