My Wegmans Obsession

If you are ever down in the dumps or just not feeling your day…get off your butt and head to the nearest Wegmans (even if for you it is 50 miles away)…it is an instant mood-booster. We just did a unit for grad school about depression…they should’ve listed Wegmans as a coping skill…may have to contact the editor of my text-book on this one.

This is what I am talking about! An Italian Festival with free samplings and deliciousness? How could you not already feel a little pep in your step?!

Their produce is so fresh and awesome…and if you need weird ingredients for stuff then you are in the right place. They have so much prepackaged produce that is already cut up…for example brussel sprouts already cut up and all cute and ready to be roasted…spaghetti squash already cut in half and seeded! If you are feeling lazy and hungry, head to Wegmans.

They not only have food but they have the CUTEST little presents, trinkets, books, magazines, water bottles, kitchen stuff, decorations, socks, cards I could go on for days…look at this plate for candy corn that says “There’s a skinny woman inside me. You can shut her up with candy corn!” Enough said. (No Mom, I did not buy this)

My groceries…a nice balance of..half green, half candy. (I was baking, okay??)

The people who shop at Wegmans are all cute. There was this adorable couple behind me and the woman picked up a Wedding magazine and the husband said to her “Put that away, you are already married, we aren’t doing it again”….I had to laugh out loud it was so funny. I also decided I would like to meet my future husband at Wegmans…I picture us both grabbing for the same apple at the fruit stand and then a love spark happens and we get married IN Wegmans…HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!?

RR and I each have our OWN fruit bowls. This will be eaten by Thursday probs.

I always have to get something new to try…this time it is MaraNatha Chocolate Almond spread. Last week it was Chicka Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn! (AMAZING).They also put rubber bands around your blueberries so you don’t have to spill them all over the kitchen floor and cry:)

I swear this was my shortest grocery list ever…I veered a tadddd off of it, just a tad.

Alright if you are still reading this and not on the way to Wegmans, I didn’t do a very good job on this post! So please, GOoooo nowwww.

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