So Close I Can Taste It!!!

As I mentioned on Saturday I finished my last mile of our 19 crying due to whacky knee pain that traveled up the back of my leg. I decided to lay off of it and literally “lay around” for the past two days. The pain is still there, but it is definitely starting to feel better… after ice, ibuprofen and some foam rolling I am hoping to be ready to run on Friday for our 12 mile long run. Since this is a POSITIVE blog…I will have you know that the positive about not being able to run this week has been my new learned appreciation for running…I can honestly say…. I MISS IT!!!!

 I treated myself to a gym date the other night, as I am literally drowning in grad work and needed a break ASAP. While I was there I did 40 minutes on the stationary bike and was soon reminded why I run…cardio machines SUCK and are so boring. Unless you have the new Runners World magazine to read and you are incredibly entertained. I may have to subscribe to this mag even though I already get like 4 magazines (including Parenting Mag and Latina Mag…these I assume are by accident?). If you are ever feeling in a running rut, or are injured and slightly depressed about it then you need to go buy a Runners World magazine and reap the benefits of other crazy runners that will make you feel normal.

I read a hilarious article called ” Good Idea!”…all about the runners high that I spoke about after the 19 mile long run. I mentioned I always have the best ideas/craziest thoughts and am in the BEST mood on Saturday around 11am (after my LR)…this article had me cracking up when the author Marc Parent, says his wife knows to stay away from him when he has that  “postrun daze” and will tell his wife “Let’s sell this place and live in a houseboat!”….it is SO. TRUE…and awesome. Instant depression buster = running.

It also had these adorable little picture framed quotes and talked about how to focus during a taper and stay stress free….we are soon to taper so this article was great for us too! The magazine has given me the confidence boost and excitement back about finishing up this training and crossing the finish line…it is a MONTH AWAY:) So close, I can taste it!

November 18th, here. we. come. !!!!

Did you know: It takes 3,800 pounds of metal to create the Philadelphia Marathon’s finishers medals???….this is TWICE as heavy as the Liberty Bell!! (You just got SO much smarter).


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