Trying to Get Back on The Wagon

Weddings are fun. Eating pasta, bread, pizza, Dunkin Donuts munchkins, bagels & cream cheese, Italian cookies, mashed potatoes, breaded chicken and mini philly cheese steaks are also fun.

But you know what is not fun at all? Not fitting into your work pants and feeling like your stomach is growing a tumor the size of New Jersey!

I really wish I could run enough miles, lift enough weights, take enough spin classes to burn off my weekend calories from Ashley’s Wedding Weekend…but it is not possible unless I run from Maryland to California. Soooo I have been trying very hard since Monday as my mom always says “to get back on the wagon”. I am determined not to fall off this time.

I bought a book on my Kindle called “Look Better Naked: The 6-Week Plan to Your Leanest, Hottest Body-Ever!” ….Now please tell me when reading the title of this book it doesn’t sound like a scam?? I mean yes, it is what we all want but the question I had before opening the first page is “what nasty crap/concoctions will I have to consume?” Well…the answer is NONE.

Me in my classroom…looking forward to fitting into my work pants more comfortably! (and no, I will not take a picture of my work pants:)

The plan is basically a 6-week eating program and workouts designed to help burn fat, and re-teach the body how to enjoy nutrient dense foods. I am bypassing the workouts for right now because I am still in Marathon training mode…but I did try one of the workouts on Monday…I just did one set of the workouts and they seem like great exercises but I will definitely need to up the resistance and reps they recommend as I think it is more for beginner worker-outers. More on the workouts post-marathon….

As far as the eating plan goes…I AM VERY IMPRESSED! It is basically the same foods I eat but just in moderation…it gives great combinations for spices and marinades that are mostly calorie-free…there is barely any processed foods involved…and the best (maybe worst) part is that there is no candy/cookies/cakes/junk in any of the meals. This is my BIGGEST problem by far…I find myself reaching for candy, cookies, chocolate chips and once I have a handful…it is GAME OVER and I eat it ALL.

I am going to try this “eating plan” for the 6-weeks and allow my Long Run days to by my go-a-little-off the plan and indulge…I believe a day to indulge a little is needed, especially when I am running 20 miles!

My eating plan yesterday looked a little like this in case you are curious:


3 scrambled egg whites, 2 tbsp reduced fat cheddar cheese, 1 whole wheat tortilla


Sugar snap peas, 1 hard-boiled egg


4 oz Tuna Fish, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 whole wheat pita, lettuce, tomato


1/4 cup oat bran flakes, 1 tbsp dried cherries, 18 pistachios


4 oz salmon brushed with 1 tbsp olive oil, baked at 425 for 15 minutes, 1/2 cup quinoa, steamed asparagus, mixed green salad with 2 tbsp wholly guacamole



I will say that I am really full after each meal, and the snacks are also really satisfying! I am feeling a little more energized and I am starting not to crave the sugar as much. I am honestly not doing the LBN (look better naked) eating plan to necessarily lose a ton of weight (a few pounds would be nice)…I am doing it just to jump-start better eating and also to improve my running…sugar and high fructose corn syrup (what is in A LOT of candy) is no good for runners or anyone really.

I will continue to post about the LBN eating plan and let you know how it goes! Please know that I am 100% about living and eating well but also enjoying the occasional indulgence…I was just not doing it occasionally for the last couple of days and need to get set back on track…which is why I am trying this “plan”…I am still recording my daily Points Plus through my Weight Watchers etools just to see how the points work out and the amount of food I eat is the EXACT amount of points I am allowed daily which is awesome.


They say it takes about 30 days to change a habit. Well, here’s to 27 more days!!

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