The Massage That Saved My Life

On Tuesday I ventured to Arise Massage and Chiropractic for what I thought would be a nice relaxing massage or as the massage therapist called a spa type massage…”fluff and buff”…this was instead an oh-my-gosh-that-hurts-so-good massage. She asked me all about my running and knee issues and then solely focused on my legs…quads, hamstrings, IT band, knee, calves…it was fantastic…if you are a distance runner you MUST get a massage like this where they focus for 60 minutes on just your legs.

The massage therapist told me that a possibility to my knee pain is that my IT band and other surrounding muscles are so tight that they are literally pulling at my knee. So she massaged those areas and it was….very, very painful at first but I did not complain because I knew it was what I needed to release the tension. She told me to keep on foam rolling over those spots and that I was over compensating on my right knee to “protect” my left knee (subconsciously)…so she really worked on my poor neglected right knee. Icing, heating, Advil are also all good! She told me that the concrete is the WORST thing for your joints…it does.not.give! She guided me to run on the street/pavement whenever possible.

I explained to her my woes of “ruining” my training and taper by taking the last two weeks quite easy instead of doing my training calendar mileage…she told me something that I know deep down inside but it was so nice to hear her say it (she was a multi-purpose therapist!! hehehe)…she told me not to doubt my training or myself…once I start doubting myself it is game over with running.

I left that office feeling a little lose and decided to take Wednesday off…then today I ventured to the gym for a 5 mile run on the treadmill just in case I needed to switch to the elliptical…and the MOST magical thing happened ever! I had the most AMAZING run (as amazing as a run can be on a treadmill:)….my knee felt great! I was able to pick up the pace at the end without any pain and I finished all 5 miles! I was the happiest girl ever…it just made me realize I can do this 20 mile run on Saturday I just have to stay positive. I have an appointment on Tuesday with an orthopedic so I am hoping he gives me some advice on how to make the knee last until November 18th!


This is me super-excited, super-sweaty and of course stretching right away !

Isn’t my roomie so cute!? She made a “marathon count down chain” each chain link has a cute runner’s quote on it! Totally what I needed this week to motivate me!


I found this funny quote today:


Here is one of my awesome breakfasts from the LBN “eating plan”…

1 cup plain chobani yogurt, 1 cup cut up mango, 2 tbsp wheat germ, 1 tbsp walnuts

Now enjoying some wine with my roomie while blogging and doing grad work…not part of the LBN…but part of keeping me sane sometimes:)

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