You Have To Earn The Downhill

We did it! RR and I finished 20 miles this morning by 11am. It took us about 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was our first and only long run that we did not stop for any potty breaks! We stopped twice to GU and ran the rest of the entire thing. I ran at a pretty slow pace because I figured why push it and injure my knee any more…pushing it will be saved for November 18th 🙂 The last mile was as usual very difficult….I found myself tearing up as I thought about how far we have come in our long runs and just got all emotional which was not good for breathing! My feet also felt like they were going to fall off, again all normal/usual feelings when running 20 miles.

My knee felt pretty darn good! It hurts now, but that is expected…I think I was getting so used to feeling good during long runs and the second something hurt I started pancicking…note to self and to any future marathoners….it is not ALWAYS going to feel good or be easy…if running marathons was easy…then every one would be doing it!!

Now that we have completed our last “long-long-run” we are entering the “taper” period of marathon training where we reduce our mileage and rest. RR and I have experience with tapering in the pool (reducing yardage)…and it is going to feel strange but also awesome. As the title of this post says…”You have to earn the downhill”…Here we gooooo, I think we have earned it???

Blue GU, Blue Gatorade, Blue Shirt…not planned (I promise!)

This is why you plan long runs on beautiful fall weekends (pre-hurricane Sandy)…

Why I Love Long Runs…

You can always tell when I do a long run post because I am on a runners high and go on and on and on in the blog posts. Sorry! But wanted to share some thoughts I had while reflecting on the marathon process thus far and the “long run”….

Pre-marathon training I really didn’t like long runs….and I am not going to say that they are my most favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning… sleeping in on a Saturday and eating donuts and drinking coffee in front of cartoons would be much better but I am starting to really enjoy the time with “myself” and the great outdoors. So here is my list of why I love long runs…

  • You have an excuse for going to bed before 9pm on a Friday night
  • You get to eat pasta/carbs for dinner
  • You can buy new songs on iTunes and make a million different playlists
  • The first 6-8 miles go by so fast and you will shock yourself that 12 miles is now “easy”
  • You can make “to-do-lists”, “grocery-lists”, “outfit ideas lists” , “what will I eat when I get back”…and the list goes on of what you can “list” while you run
  • You become one with your body..(this sounds so cheesy)…but honestly you have to get into a rhythm if you are going to run 12+ miles…and your body needs to be connected with your brain or else you aren’t goin anywhere (it seriously all in your head!)
  • You learn to overcome fears (think big scary dogs, steep hills, lots of mileage)
  • You can try new flavors of GU, Chomps etc
  • You can think of blog ideas, facebook status’s, tweets that you will post
  • You can laugh, cry, smile, get pissed and its all okay
  • You can go potty in the woods like a boy and…its all okay 😉
  • You can make friends with other runners
  • You learn to LOVE running
  • You get a sweet runners high that lasts the entire weekend
  • You get to brag to people at work on Mondays that you ran 20 miles
  • You learn that you are stronger, braver, and more awesome then you ever thought before (Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-concept…its all about you baby!)
  • You can indulge on pancakes, bagels with raisin walnut cream cheese, oatmeal, bananas, chocolate milk, PB etc etc when you return
  • You get chills knowing that soon enough you will cross the finish line after 26 point freaking 2 miles knowing you just accomplished one of the most amazing things you will ever do in your life.

and that is why I love long runs…

As for the rest of the day I will be:

-rubbing tiger balm all over my body

-taking a nap

-making this from PB Fingers…Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip 

-going to church at 5pm so I can sleep in tomorrow and do grad work all day (wahhh).

-attending a Halloween Party…pics to follow tomorrow:) I am being a “partner” costume with my roomie!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend! I hope my mom has a blast with my aunts and cousins getting pampered for my gorgeous Aunt Tina’s Birthday:) I seriously have the most AMAZING Aunt’s and Cousins that I miss and love so so so so much and wish we all lived closer so that I could be there with them!

Dad—-hope you get a round of golf in before Sandy hits…

Sessy and Pat…I miss you guys, a lot:( Come home for Thanksgiving…okay!?

And…don’t worry my car is filled with gas, I have wine, water, chocolate and oatmeal!

Bring it Sandy.


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