Why I Hate Christian Grey and Some Other Critiques

I just want to first off say that I don’t know what this blog is turning in to…But I have been kinda slacking on workouts and recipes recently! I have been following the LBN eating plan still and I really, really like it. Such great ideas and stuff that I never would’ve made for myself in the past. For example I made scallops last night! I have never in my life made a scallop…and they turned out delicious! I can tell that I am feeling more energized and more like myself now that I have cut back considerably on sugar and processed foods…It has made a HUGE difference in my day.

I guess I should stop “telling” you guys…and DO IT 🙂 haha


I am also starting to notice I do not crave the “junk” as much…I occasionally will open the pantry and wish for a giant candy bar to be sitting there…but most of the time I forget I haven’t eaten anything sweet until I put my points into my online WW tracker at night. I watched Dr. Oz today and they had a special on about carbs and what they do to your body…basically once you start eating them (the bad kind) you can’t stop…I proved this true at Saturday’s Halloween party where I left with a sick stomach from all the sweets/carbs/processed junk I indulged in. I am going to try my hardest to stay away from that stuff as the holiday season approaches. It is all about REAL foods to me. Unfortunately, candy corn and gummy bears are not part of the food pyramid. Whomp, whomp.

Happy Halloween! 

I finished my Jodi Picoult book on Monday night, staying up until almost 1:30…but luckily was able to sleep in until 10ish yesterday…making last nights school night bed time of 8:30 almost impossible…lots of tossing and turning! For a few months I recently have not been in to reading…I either get bored, think of all the other stuff I have to do, or end up watching How I Met Your Mother instead. Well…it was all because I was reading the WRONG books! I was trying so desperately to get into 50 Shades of Grey…I did finish the 1st one but luckily I left the 2nd one at home the last time I was there and so I was “forced” to start a new book…and that new book turned my “Little-Reader” light back on (ask my mom and sister for the story behind “little reader”). So…that is why I hate Christian Grey! He tried to make me think I didn’t like reading anymore!! How rude! (Is there something wrong with me that I did not like those books!??)

My scary scene from Hurricane Sandy…

Now that I have critiqued 50 shades…I will critique myself and my “October Goals”...since tomorrow is the first day of November! HOLY COW!

Here is a recap of my October goals….

1. Attend BodyPump 2x per week…Okay so I was doing this until my knee pain started…then decided to lay off the bodypump because they do a lot of lunges and squats and thought it might be too much…will resume this one in November POST-marathon. I have been however lifting arms once or twice a week and doing abs…that counts…right!?

2. Keep a positive mind-set about difficult long training runs.. “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” This is an ongoing goal…but yes, I will say I have accomplished this thus far…seeing that I just finished a 20 mile (longest, long run) this past weekend…and was actually excited for it! I MISSED running when I took a week off…so yes, me and running are in a good place. 

(YA HEARD?????)

3. Cook more meat (people have started asking me at school if I am a vegetarian because I never bring in meat to eat..I have got to fix this fear of “meat cooking”!) This goal has been accomplished due to the LBN eating plan! Not only meat but also fish…last week I had sirloin steak two days, salmon, and this week I have had tofu and scallops…things I never thought I would be able to cook. It definitely makes a difference eating a lot of protein.

4. This is a BIG one for me to try….but I am going to try to cut out my night-time desert a few nights a week…I will continue to have a desert after lunch though…I ain’t giving that up, ever. I will let you know how this “goal” goes…right now a bunch of candy pumpkins are giving me the evil eye. hmmmmm This is definitely another ongoing, work in progress goal, but one I have definitely been better about since I first wrote this goal a month ago. I did not accomplish this goal and tried to fool myself that I was doing it …I wasn’t. It caught up to me…. and I am hoping it is under control. Stay tuned!

Me in PJs at 2pm, Tuesday. #sandy

Tomorrow will be a Bday shout out to my Best Friend….some November goals!!! And the celebration of my last 5 mile run…and why I will honestly miss those damn 5 milers. 

Close enough to Ruby Slippers…


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