Fogelsville Fun !!

This weekend Allie and I headed to visit Court to celebrate her Birthday in Fogelsville. Visiting Court’s family and animals is at the top of my list for things that make me happy. I actually used to live with Court and her family about 3 years ago when I taught at school close by for a few months….. and still to this day they are so welcoming and their home is comfortable, yummy, and entertaining! After this weekend, I may be moving back in with them…Watch out Novo’s!

We started out our day getting a personal tour by Court around Arts Quest (where she works!)….in Bethlehem, PA….it is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to exceptional artistic, cultural and educational experiences for residents of the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania and beyond. Including concerts, farmers markets, cultural events, and youth programming.

Court’s office is located at The Banana Factory…she plans and organizes children’s events…and man does she know her stuff! Best tour guide I ever had

Inside…gorgeous view from the big windows…and Court said at night the Steel Stacks are lit up in different colors…I am pretty jealous that she basically works at PA’s version of Disney World.

Very cool glass sculpture! Hand blown by Court!! (just kidding:)

In honor of Court’s birthday I made a treat with her favorite flavor…Cotton Candy. This girl cannot  get enough of it…but she doesn’t actually like the real deal Cotton Candy…but anything blue, sugary, and cotton candy flavored she is 100% in. These are Cotton Candy Bars…check out the recipe here! They are SO easy to make and delicious.

One of the best parts of being at the Novotnaks is hanging with all of their animals. They have cats, dogs, lizards, fish, and even once had a tarantula named “Lizzie” (not after me). This is the newest Novotnak Kitty Addition, Sache. He is a cutey, puring, patootey.

Chauncey and Allie having an intimate moment… I get kinda jealous when I visit the Novotnaks with Allie because Chauncey gives her all of the love and affection and I get very little. I am working through it though…

We went shopping for Vegas…Court’s sister is a fashionista and the most fashionable person I have ever met…I sweat picking out my outfit before I visit them knowing she will be seeing me. She helped us pick out awesome, flashy, fashionable outfits. Here is Court showing off one of hers…whoot whoot…We leave November 30th…so soon!

I discovered a new favorite beer…and that would be “Summer Shandy”…one sip and I wanted to change in to my bikini, put some flip flops on and belt out Jimmy Buffett tunes. It tastes like lemonade!

I want to apologize because I did not take any pictures of the food…the other best part about visiting are the gourmet meals that Mr. Novotnak prepares for us…last night we had buffalo chicken dip, fresh/homemade salsa, cheesesteak panini’s, BLT soup, and an amazing greek salad.  I have never had a Mr. Novotnak meal I did not care for…he really should open up a restaurant. I wouldn’t mind sampling dishes for him!!

We headed out to another Novotnak favorite..The Fogelsville Hotel…always a great time!!!

This was taken right before we decided to watch “Step Up” and reminisce about the “Bloom Days” by going through our old college pics! It will never get old, and neither will we.


Such a great weekend…Love you Birthday Girl!!! Thank you Novotnaks for hosting us, and I am 98% serious about moving back in..tell Dev to clean up “my” room for me….;)




Hope you had a good weekend!! xoxoxoxxo



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