Is It Weird If I Name My Baby Eggplant?

My Sunday Wegmans ritual trip was canceled yesterday, I was too tired and lazy to head to my favorite place. I have to be energized or on a runners high to go to Wegmans. Today was a teacher work day, no students, which is nice, but I spent about 9 hours staring at my computer screen writing IEPs…I was more then ready to stroll/run the aisles of my “happy place”…

I found a baby eggplant, the cutest thing, and also perfect for a single lady who doesn’t need a gigantic eggplant hanging around her kitchen.


Do you think the name “Eggplant” would be cute for an actual baby? I do. Seriously how cute is this thing? Would you eat more veggies if they were all this cute? Baby spinach, baby carrots…

Asparagus, how can you not buy them when they look this gorgeous? Wegmans hires actual model fruits and veggies right from the commercials and stocks the produce section with the babes. They look good in anything, even plaid.  How to steam: put it in a microwave safe container, put about 2 tbsp of water in the bottom, cover with saran wrap, leave room to vent and hit the 10 minute button. Bing bang boom. Delicious.

Anddd it is Christmas time I guess? I am just putting my flip flops and shorts away and they already have candy canes on the shelves? I am not going to complain, I could eat candy canes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think I may invent a new diet called “The Elf Diet”. Would you try it?

You say “tomato”..I say “tomato”…yea that joke doesn’t work as well as it does out loud. Too bad I can’t actually “speak” to you guys on this blog thing.

I had to do it!! Yes, I am cradling my baby eggplant. I am sorry but if I have to look at my facebook newsfeed every day and see all of the cute baby portraits, ultra-sounds, and pregnant bellies…I am sure as hell warranted a picture of me bonding with MY baby.

Guys, I might be going crazy.

Tomorrow I will be posting all about election day! ….and by that I mean Allie and I are going to be ELECTING our marathon day outfit tomorrow at the Nike outlet. Stay tuned!! It is very exciting, and may come down to the very last vote. Hope everyone has been well-informed on dry fit, Nike training gear, and compression socks.

peace out.


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