Ten Ways Marathon Training Has Changed My Life

It is November 8th, and you know what that means….10 days until November 18th, ten days until 26.2 miles!!  Since there are only 10 days until marathon, I am going to list some of the “ten ways my life has changed during marathon training.”

1. Running is now a part of my “life”…in more ways than one.

2. I go to newsstands the day the new Runners World comes out and spend the entire afternoon reading cover to cover and loving every second of it (no interruptions please!)…Yes, please tell Santa I would like a subscription to this…I have been a very good girl!

3. Eating dinner now takes me 60 minutes as opposed to 6 minutes pre-marathon training. And no it has nothing to do with eating slower…but everything to do with me, sitting on my iPad reading 7 different blogs about running….daily. It is a ritual, and won’t be given up anytime soon. Let’s just say my iPad gets to taste whatever I taste:)

4. You have to like spending time with yourself when you run 20 miles.

5. I started a blog. This picture was taken the first day I got my Mac..and wrote my first blog entry! Almost two months ago…crazy that I have been blabbing on this thing for 2 months! I love it…even if every other word is spelled wrong or I make no sense or say & take pics of weird stuff…it has been a great way for me to reflect, laugh, and share with people my training ups and downs.

6. I am grateful. I am grateful that I have the ability to run. I am grateful for the lucky life I have been blessed with. When you run with a purpose or with people in mind who are struggling through a rough time, it really comes naturally.

7. I have become more focused on grad work. I don’t know how this has happened but running has made me have better time management and also much better focus when writing a long paper or discussion board…running is also the BEST break from a long day of reading, discussion boards and papers.

8. I stretch these things. I now stretch my legs…and foam roll..this is something I ignored before with all of my other trainings but now I look forward to getting home from a run and that time before bed when I stretch and roll on my foam roller…while reading more blogs…

9. Running has helped me become more self-confident and less self-destructive….running 18 miles makes you realize how much your body is capable of. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself to sleep, delicious & healthy food, a new pair of running pants, time with people you love (and wine too!). I can hear my sister saying this quote in her southern accent right now:)

10. Running has changed me into….me. 

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