Exciting News!!!!

This weekend  I received one of the most exciting calls…my friend & Reading roomie called me on Saturday to tell me that her and Max got engaged!! I am soooo happy for them… I mentioned in a post after visiting their welcoming and gorgeous Wyomissing home how happy it makes me to see my friends happy …so when Max popped the question this Saturday…it was no surprise that….

She said…YES !!!

Max and Carrie in their new house in June! Aren’t they the cutest!?

After I stopped screaming on the phone…I found out the details of the purposal…Max whisked Carrie away to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in the cute town of Jim Thorpe…he then placed Carrie on a horse and buggy and got down on one kneeeeeeeee and then the rest is history!!

(can you tell I am still giddy and excited!??!)

Carrie was even able to convince Max to be a crazy person and run the Broad Street 10 miler this year, we knew he was a keeper when he went through the months of training and eventually crossed the finish line with his girl (maybe next time we can get them to do 26.2:)

Max’s Catch of A Life Time!!

Can’t wait until this is the “You May Now Kiss The Bride” ….

The beach, sun and shore look good on these two…

Max gets to share his love for fishing with Carrie…last year they went to Costa Rica and caught a pretty small fish…. aka GINORMOUS (yep that is a word)

Max has GOOD taste…so the gorgeouness (also a real word) of this ring is no surprise to me. Good job Max!!!

Oscar Spayd! (@ Spayd’s Landscaping & Design!)

Who thinks they should have a Flinstones Themed wedding?? I have always wanted to roll up in style in my Flintmobile….

This will be my first year not getting a Christmas tree as per tradition for the past couple of years with my Reading Roomie…miss this stuff!! Carrie will now have some Max Man Power to cut her tree down….

So excited for you Care Bear:)

This was taken the weekend after Carrie met Max…her smile says it all

….Carrie don’t ever forget we will always be “companions”…

and I still have the Couples Cuddler…:)

CONGRATS Carrie and Max!!!!!


One thought on “Exciting News!!!!

  1. carrie

    Love love love this post!!!! (I was secretly hoping we would make the blog!) We are SO lucky to have an amazing friend like you lizzie poo!! Thank you for the kind words and well wishes… you are the best! Xoxoxo

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