Why I Am Going Insane

This whole taper thing has been literally making me insane. I have so much energy and can’t run because we are supposed to be resting. I have NO appetite at all because I am so nervous and excited for the run…and I need to be eating protein, carbs, etc etc. so I am forcing stuff down my throat like turkey burgers, quinoa, chicken sausage, whole wheat pasta

Then bedtime rolls around and I promised myself I would lay in bed at 8 and read and rest and then hope to be sleeping by 9. UMmmmm no not happening. Last night I was in bed at 10, had to do grad work and was at school until 6…which is unusual. Then I fell asleep at probably 11…and woke up at 3:30 WIDE AWAKE….this is where I go insane

I turned over, grabbed my ipad (which is always in bed, next to me at all times)…I then googled searched races in the months of November-June in MD and PA…I spent an hour looking at races…Santa races, turkey trots, spring race series in Frederick…it was ridiculous.

Then I finally fell asleep around 4:30…and then like usual did not want to get up for work at 6:30. I am not that tired today…which is good but I may need to take nyquil the rest of the week! I am soooo excited and nervous and ahhhhh I ccannn’t wait!!


This is how I feel…

This sums up my romantic life….

This is what running does….

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