My “plan”

This whole taper thing is really starting to get to me. I think the whole purpose of this taper torture is to make you realize how much you miss and love running and it forces you to go crazy and sign up for more races or look at every single running blog, magazine, tweeter, website, email, quote…

I just have to mention that if you like carbs, you need to train for a marathon. The week before is a carb-lovers dream diet. If I am doing this “right” you are going to LOL at what I ate today:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana and a scoop of pumpkin puree

Snack: Bran Flakes with dried fruit and almonds

Lunch: Turkey burger on an english muffin, spinach and beets salad

Snack: Popcorn with parmesan cheese

Dinner: sweet potato, 1 cup brown rice, and 20 mini shrimps.

I laughed typing in the shrimps part. I really am so clueless as to what to eat…and I feel weird not eating a ton of fruits and veggies..and also feel weird eating more carbs with NO working out??!? Am I carbo/protein loading or preparing to hibernate with the bears? That one is still a toss up.

So other then my carbo loving week..I decided I should probably come up with a plan on how I will “attack” this marathon thing on Sunday.

After reading a million blog posts..I finally found a really interesting one from Mile Posts and I am so sorry but I can’t find the actual blog post she wrote this in…but she is awesome and is also featured on the Women’s Running magazine cover this month!!!!! HOW COOL!? 

She mentions that in order to run a marathon, especially your first one you have to think of it as a 20 mile run, and a 6.2 mile “race”. So my goal is to go out slow…I am thinking something like this..

  • first 1-10 miles ~ 10-9:45 minute pace
  • 10-15~ 9:45/9:35 pace
  • 15-20~ 9:30/9:20 pace
  • 20-26~ 9:10/9:00 pace
  • I did not forget that .2 !! ~ the goal is to…. give it all I have left in my “Little Engine That Could” tank… Go, go, gooooo until that finish line

Yea, we will see how those last 6.2 go…positivity never hurt no boddyyyy

I will GU every 5/6  miles like I did in training.

I will eat 2 hours before the race (oatmeal, banana, 1 tbsp PB).

I will drink whenever there is water because I usually spill half of it on my face and shirt because I try to run and drink.

I will listen to my body…if I need to potty, stop to walk or stretch…it is OKAY. Not trying to make the Olympic Trials here people.

On other non-running news because get ready..once this marathon is over lord knows what I will feel these posts with…I am looking for suggestions…

I am currently obsessed with this tea (I have already had two cups of it tonight, usually I make tea, forget I made it, let it sit on my night stand for 5 days, repeat.)


I am trying to get all my grad work done tonight so I don’t have any this weekend…this post is my “break”…as well as multiple facebook stalks, tweets, instagram checks etc…

Tonight I am reading about sleep disorders for my abnormal psychology class… I think they took a sneak picture of me and then went on to say how “it is not good to do anything in your bed but sleep”…hmmm you mean like this?

Don’t worry, I still have no trouble falling asleep even if my bed is my kitchen, library, couch, and lounge.

My mom was told by a friend that she should give out orange slices at mile 17…I think she may be taking her “job” a bit to the extreme… 🙂

Protein, protein, protein. I am not sure if I feel like pop-eye or a body builder. I think I am supposed to “feel” like a runner???

Is this what they mean by carbs and salt?

and then this happened…O.M.G…



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