Philadelphia Marathon Race Recap (Part 1)

Now that I am settled at home back in Doylestown for the holiday break I decided I needed to post about the marathon before all of the  incredible details slip out of my mind!

We got the marathon expo around 1:00…I don’t know what my fascination is with race expo’s but I get so excited for them…they are usually disappointing because I hype it up so much… but I still get pumped every time I go to one! It is just so fun to see all of the runners who are all there for the exact same reason…to be crazy and run 26.2 miles.

Allie and I picked up our bibs and t-shirts and wondered around with Court to check out the other expo venues…

Court won a pretty sweet Geico…(reminded us of our Panama City Spring Break with the Cave Man aka my BF)

This t-shirt quote was also plastered on to a lot of marathon fans posters on Sunday…there were some really funny posters…Court’s was the by far best…I will add that one in the next post. My one fav was at mile 3-4 a sign read “Smile if you pooped yourself already”…I LOLed while running.


Where’s the finish!?

I also saw a cute poster on Sunday during the race that said “Don’t worry I checked and there is a finish line!”…another great one “If you can show up to the start of a marathon, you sure as hell can finish a marathon”…truth!


Some of the Expo finds…lots of flyers for upcoming races, a cute chip clip…the usual “expo” bag

These gloves will forever live in infamy…these gloves were on the table at the expo labeled “$2 throw away gloves”..I thought it was a great idea because I had intentions of taking my gloves and just tucking them in to my “fuel belt” while I ran…but I decided to buy these cute “throw aways” to just pitch to the side and they would be donated to homeless shelters…well when I brought them home and showed my mom she was OBSESSED with them and begged me to hold on to them until I got to mile 19 where she was stationed in “her” cheer section…

I don’t think I stopped laughing all weekend…and yes I kept those damn gloves on the entire 26.2 miles..not only because I had to save them for my mom but because my hands were honestly really cold!

My friend Colleen surprised me with a delicious and gorgeous Edible Arrangement..she knows how to make me run fast…

Chocolate covered pineapple…

And the cutest motivating quote from Walt Disney

My family also surprised me with a an early Carvel ice cream cake for my Birthday (12/13)…( I feel like I have used the word “surprise” in the last two posts a million times!)

Carvel Ice Cream cake is a Tesoro staple..we get one for any “special” day (or when ever we are craving ice cream cake, that is considered “special”)…Pat kept revering to my parents as “Carvel Alum”…they both worked at Carvel growing up…still not sure why the don’t work there any more!?

Loved loved loved having every one together for the weekend!

Lucy wanted to say “hi” again. Hey girl, hey. Doesn’t she look like a little pup here?? Don’t be fooled, she is old (sorry mom, it’s true, she has grey hair). Wuv ya Wuc.

This ad was in my Women’s Running magazine…I love to sleep, I love to party, I love to run. (The strip thing may have thrown you off…we run the Vegas STRIP…we don’t actually strip…just to clarify 🙂 Also, doesn’t the chick in the ad look like my sis!?

By the end of the day we had decided my goal was to #beatoprah…her time was 4:29 in the Marine Core Marathon in 1994…..

Stay tuned for the Marathon Race Recap Part 2 to find out if I beat O !!!

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