Thanksgiving and a Memorable Run

Every since the marathon I feel like my posts have been as long as a marathon! I just have so many pictures I want to post and share so many stories about the fam….

If you ever decide to run a marathon I suggest you do a marathon right before Thanksgiving so you can sit around relaxing, eating, drinking, and being merry with out a care in the world. I planned this one well.

First some things I love about being home…

My mom and dad ALWAYS have ice cream in their freezer…also have whip cream and sprinkles on hand at all times. This is exciting when the most exciting thing in your own freezer are peas, corn and berries.

I get to bunk in with my parents in their sitting room and put my “crap” all over and they don’t even get mad that they can’t walk to their bathroom because they feel bad that I have to sleep on a futon. Little do they know I like being all cozy in that room together (this has changed since last year)! I propose the addition of a mini fridge.

My parents live across from Central Park (Doylestown style)…we take many walks with little Lucy and Rosie (mom). This has been perfect for my marathon recovery…went for a walk Wednesday morning with my mom and Thursday morning with my dad (at Lake Galena).

I get to bake in my moms kitchen where she has every gadget and ingredient you could need to create the best apple pie ever (maybe not ever, Court’s Amish pie from marathon weekend is still the BEST apple pie ever). She also washed all my dishes that I used! Oooh and I made a pumpkin pie. I guess my mom thought I was recovered enough to bake.

I also baked three kinds of cookies on Wednesday..Lemon Ricotta, PB Monster Cookies, & Chocolate chip cookies. I ate my body weight in cookie dough, it was awesome.

This pretty much sums up Thanksgiving at our house…

My dad helping Isabella fill her plate with mashed potatoes and Tom the turkey…

Me and my grandmother 🙂 I dyed her hair Thursday morning…doesn’t it look great!? I think I may go work with Ash Carroll….

Rosie spends all of November getting this table ready…

Aunt Tina and her girls…

We miss having Steph and Pat home for Thanksgiving…but I guess we can share them with the Costello’s 🙂

Mom and Claudia

Putting the marshmallows on the sweet potato casserole…

My mom is trying to threaten that next year she is eliminating one thing from the dinner (she says this every year)…we decided sweet potatoes..we will have a sweet potato pie instead.

Time for PJ’s right after desert…!

The Run….I took Monday and Tuesday completely off…walked Wednesday and Thursday and decided I had to run today after eating for 5 hours straight….I was able to run 6 miles and felt like I could’ve kept going for 4 more but my knee was a little sore and I didn’t want to push it too much. I am looking forward to 13.1 next Sunday on the Vegas Strip! It felt so good to run today…I could tell my body is still in running shape and knew what to do after mile 2.5. It was the PERFECT temperature and I always enjoy running around my parents neighborhood and Central Park.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! THANKS for reading:)

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