Goodbye Turkey

My mom sent me this picture and text yesterday saying “The after Thanksgiving appetizers”:

Have you recovered from your Turkey coma yet??

I love how my mom now sends me pictures of her food…I guess my food picture obsession rubbed off on her a little. She ate apple pie while my dad mopped the floor on Sunday afternoon…I guess she deserved a little break:)

Lucy was happy to be back to being Queen B of the Tesoro house again…she only likes to have visitors for 24 hours or less. #spoiledrotten

Her favorite visitor is her cousin Malcolm…

My mom must be trying to send me over the edge sending me this picture… every year my sister and I break apart the wishbone of the turkey, and I have won for the past 13 years. Well this year my rude mother made me do the competition an hour after I returned from running a marathon.

 I am still bitter.

Once someone tells me they don’t want their picture on my blog I begin to make it my mission possible…this was the best I could get of my cousin Michele and Aunt Dee Dee…..”it is too early for pictures!” is just not a good enough excuse…!

Before every one hit the road on Saturday my dad streamed youtube videos of John Pinette…

My co-worker Cindy’s last day as a long term sub was today…:( But she redeemed herself for leaving me by bringing in the MOST delicious (WARM TOO) donuts in the entire world (I am not a huge donut lover…but these were incredible). They are from a place in Frederick called “The Fractured Prune”  . Hopefully this place is not close to where I live.

In other exciting news (because yes, my blog is FULL of exciting news)…. I went to spinning this morning! It was my first spin class since September and it was HARD…I am going to have some sore legs tomorrow. awesomeeee

I hope you enjoyed my random post about dogs, donuts, and turkey detoxing.

Vegas in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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