Flying To The Right Mindset

Does anyone else feel that the week before vacation is one of the craziest ? This week was stocked full of grad papers, discussion boards, meetings, and lots of special Ed paper work. I think life works out this way so that we feel we truly deserve some time away from it all. As I sit here on this flight that Allie and I were up for at 3am, I struggle to sit still, keep my foot from tapping, and wanting to check email, blogs, Facebook, etc…the thing that is nice about flying is that…you can’t.

I started the book “Sarah’s Key” per recommendation from Peanut Butter Fingers blog. It is soo good so far and takes place in Paris which brings me back to my trip with my mom to France ans Spain his past summer. I need to sleep a little and want to listen to some new music I added to my iPod. Don’t you love how I make an agenda even for a 6 hour flight….

I am going to try and update the blog daily with what’s happening in Vegas…I only brought my iPad along so some posts may have more spelling errors or formatting errors then usual, sorry for that!

So far our weekend is looking awesome…
Allie and I arrive in San Fran at 9:30(west coast time) and board to NV at 10:30…arrival 12:15 to Vegas. Court and Sarah will be coming a little later.

We are staying at the Aria hotel…one of the new resorts on the strip..looks so fun and classy!

Our Half Marathon “Rock N Roll…Run the Strip at Night” is on Sunday at 5pm so we have some reservations for dinner for Saturday and Sunday per Freddie’s recommendation (my sister and Pat’s good friend who works in Vegas from time to time) and we will be venturing to get our race packet tomorrow…

Random note…does anyone else feel that they are always hungry when they fly in the early morning?? I ate a PB and honey sandwich at 3am … A chobani yogurt at 5 and now I am starving for round 3!! What is wrong with me?! (Update…just ate a Kashi chocolate PB bar and it was AMAZING!) I haven’t had a granola bar in a while and now think I will be incorporating these back in to my food choices…It does have 30g of carbs and 13g of sugar but it is a nice treat and easy for travel..

Thank you to my mom who “forced” me to stock up on snacks at wawa before my trip so I wasn’t hungry on my flight. $17 later and I can feed this entire plane with pistachios, trail mix, and Kashi granola bars.

Sometimes I get self conscious about flying and falling asleep…because I know my mouth finds its way opening and I sometimes drool a little and flinch…pretty, I know…but I was comforted to see my seat mates all had their mouths wide open too when they were asleep! I guess it’s the cool thing to do:)





Yucky rainy San Francisco!

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