I Am Sorry!!

I promise I am still alive, actually more alive than usual, and busier then ever. I am NOT complaining because it is good stuff…Vegas, the end of the semester, and I have even taken off working out for the past 5 days…something must be up. But I feel bad for not blogging and I DO miss it…but I cannot devote enough time to a post right now that would be interesting and worth your time reading…so I promise by Sunday or Monday I will have a new post about Vegas up! Then once this grad semester is over (December 15th!) I will be posting much, much more.

Blogging to me is meant to be a fun additive to my life, and I don’t want it to become a “chore” which is why I need to take the time off to regroup and recommit to my other obligations and then get back to “Follow Your Bliss”.

Thanks for reading…and I Am Sorry:) Those of you who read are my close family and/or friends and know how to contact me if you want to know every nitty-gritty detail of what I ate yesterday, took pictures of, and many other interesting things that are usually on this thing!


Here is one pic for ya!



Us rockin it on the strip with our 13.1 tattoos!

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