Vegas Post!

I know this is LONG overdue…but I guess maybe I have just now fully recovered from what we call “Disney World for Adults”…Vegas! This is going to be a lot of pictures, and hopefully for you… very few words 🙂 I did post about our Friday night here…



On Saturday we decided to hit up “The Strip” and also walked to Sands Casino for the Rock N Roll Expo…


Rock N Roll Expo’s are the best…they have the best venue’s and fun stuff to see and do… we have a picture like this from Virginia Beach from 2 years ago!


Lot’s of funny runners dressed up as Elvis…


The Strip is awesome…


Bellagio Fountains were one of our favorites…the fountains “dance” at night to different songs…Celine Dion was our fav.


They played right when we finished our half marathon on Sunday too..



This was the mirror set up when trying on running clothes at the Expo…loved this one.


They even had a Chippendale’s poster set up to pose in front of…


We got to see the Venetian while heading to the Expo…another really gorgeous and interesting hotel! I still liked the Aria the best…be warned if you stay at the Aria make sure you not to TOUCH anything in the weighted mini bar fridge:)


Cute Tee


That night we got all sparkled and dolled up and headed to the restaurant Tao which is at the top of the Venetian hotel!


It was delicious…we enjoyed some Asian-Tai infused cuisine and even better Cosmo’s!


We then went to a candy store that had the LARGEST candy I have ever seen…it was heaven.


Some of us decided to stay in for the night because of the race the next day…

we needed to hydrate and rest!


The next morning Court and I got up nice and early and decided to take on the other end of the strip…Mandalay Bay, New York, New York, Luxor, and The Monte Carlo. So much to see and do we want to go back !


We went to the Shark Reef exhibit at Mandalay Bay …it was relaxing walking around looking at the sharks above and “petting” some sting rays…


Soon it was back to the room to get ready for our 4:30pm start time for the half marathon…this was Court’s 8th half marathon! You go girl!!


It was such a fun race…Court and I ran together the entire race…this was the first race I ran with someone in the beginning and crossed the finish line too. There was so much to see during the race and it was neat to be running at night with all of the other crazy runner people!


We were so excited to cross the finish line and get ready to celebrate and party!


Sugar Factory Restaurant…Blow Pop Martini’s and lots and lots of sugar…we likeeee


Then it was out for another night on the town at XS at the Wynn hotel!


We saw Flo Rida! I feel like we accomplished so much…13.1 miles…and seeing ONE famous person.


The last night we attended a Cirque Du Soleil show called “Mystere”…it was really amazing what these acrobats can do with their bodies! Great last night…nice and relaxing before our travels back to the east coast!


All in all an amazing and memorable trip! I did gamble $1 and won $14.40!! I decided to stop while I was “ahead”.

As much as we “complained” before hand about doing the run I honestly don’t think we ever would’ve made it to Vegas if it weren’t for that run!

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