The Many Days of Christmas

Ho ho ho! My mother so kindly told me last night “Thank-god you haven’t been blogging because I have no time to read that thing.” Thanks mom! So this post is dedicated to her so that she is forced to stop wrapping, chopping, washing, driving, cooking, cleaning, writing cards, etc. and will read this because she knows it is mostly about her.


First of all…if you don’t have enough room in your fridge this holiday season…fear no more, the Tesoro’s have solved your problem! Just put all of your baked goods, adult beverages, bagels, cereals, and appetizer leftovers on your porch. Genius, I tell you. We just hope and pray no little critters (or big critters) decide to try any of the treats.


On Sunday we had the annual Farmgirls Cookie Exchange. Never a dull moment…delicious food and cookies. My dad also plays “bartender” from his earlier years and hooks everyone up with their cocktail of choice. Rosie puts out more appetizers than someone would to feed the entire royal family. We get merry, merry and exchange home made cookies…Rosie went to bed with “sugar plums dancing in her head” (aka too much wine).


How could I forget! We went to our favorite breakfast place called “Groveland Grill” on Sunday morning. We had pancakes, poached eggs, french toast, and veggie omelets…and we ate at the “bar”. ‘Tis the season!


I am kinda going out of order with events from the last few days…on Saturday we went and visited Ashley at Lords and Ladies to get our hair did…compliments of Dad!


If you have never been lucky enough to have pepperoni bread…you will need to come visit us soon here in Doylestown. My dad spends an entire day rolling dough, sprinkling cheese, and adding the pepperoni. I have eaten at least an entire loaf over the past 4 days.


On Christmas Eve we headed to West Chester NY and then to Greenwich CT to visit with my Dad’s side of the family…My sister is holding a tray of “babybel” cheese with my Nana and Papa. I know how to spot a great photo op.


Chinese-Auction exchange in Greenwich at Aunt Tina’s…I ended up with this AWESOME NYC bag and tons of Brooklyn/NYC goodies from my cousin Barbara who lives in BK with husband Matt.



After the “Eve” it was back to my Nana and Papa’s where my mother and I shared a twin bed…and Lucy thought it was a great idea to get in on the lovin. Um no, think again dog.


On Christmas day we traveled to my Uncle Tom’s to visit with my cousins Jaime, Holly, Lindsey and Lacie. My sister and I had too much fun shopping for the girls…Lacie is in to Hello Kitty so she is showing off her snuggie we bought her. We then headed to East Chester to visit with my grandparents and had some lasagna, ham, and Lucy snuck a hershey kiss  (we think she is trying to commit suicide with chocolate this holiday season). Check out my BIL (brother in law) in his snazy Christmas sweater (don’t worry he made it casual with some jeans on…Sess loved that, Pat gets his outfit ideas from Tom Brady).


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas…we are not done here at the Tesoro house, today we will do our first annual secret santa exchange with the immediate family. Tomorrow we go to see Wicked in NYC and Friday we are headed to the Villanova game! As our snowman reminds us “Keep On Rolling”…!

As for running…I have run the past 4 days in a row since I have no gym access here at my parents and it feels great to be getting back in to it after I took a few weeks off. Today I am hoping to get out for about 6 miles. Even with the running…the cookies have still won 🙂

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