Dream Whip Pie Detox

My sister and her husband were home for almost two weeks over the holiday. My sister and I since we are cut from the same cloth both enjoy eating…everything…including my mom’s infamous Dream Whip Pie . We even find it totally healthy, normal and acceptable to eat a large piece of this at 4pm (with whip cream OF COURSE).


Dreaming of Dream Whip     

Most years I would start off on January 1st or 2nd preaching to the world about how ridiculous I was over the holidays eating too many sweets and over imbibing…but ya know what? I don’t really give a damn..because I enjoyed every bite, sip, and taste of it all. “Just get back on the wagon” as my mother says.


Snuggling with a Stella

So it was back to reality come January 2nd…and back to salads for lunch and detoxing from the sugar that had become part of breakfast, lunch and dinner.


My one new years resolution is to slowwwww down…so I have joined a local yoga studio called “Sol Yoga”…I figured this is a step in the right direction, and I have been loving their “hot flow” yoga classes.



Runner’s World came twice this month…one for Jan and one for Feb…great motivation to start my training for my next half marathon which will be March 16th in Washington DC! Looking forward to my first race of the year.


And finally…the thing I will miss the most about the holiday season is watching Lucy open her presents. #spoiledrottendog


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