Spring Races

It is about two months until the USA Rock N Roll Half Marathon in DC. I began real training this week…the last few weeks were just more of  pre-training runs to shake out from the marathon and get back in to running shape. The way I can tell I am ready to go is when I can comfortably run 5 miles. This weekend I did my first “long run” for the race…which consisted of 6 miles at about an 8:50 pace which is a pretty good pace for me on a LR.  The weather was strangely warm, allowing me to run in short sleeves…hey, I’ll take it! I am really enjoying cross training (spinning), lifting (body pump), and yoga so I decided to bump my running days to 3x week. On Wednesdays and Friday I have been running 5, then a long run Saturday or Sunday…my knees are thanking me for this training schedule too!


Unfortunately I have decided not to run the Nashville Rock N Roll Half Marathon due to finances and not being able to find a cheap flight down there:( I need to pick up another race in April or May that is closer so I think I found a good fit…it is called The Maryland Half Marathon  and takes place about 50 minutes away from Frederick in Fulton, MD. This race stood out to me because 100% of the net proceeds go towards The University of Maryland Cancer Center! Allie and I are bummed we can’t run in the Frederick Running Festival this year due to a wedding commitment. Maybe I can bribe her to run this one with me instead. The other race that is in the “running” (haha, get ittt?!?) is the Fredericksburg, VA Historic Half May 19th. This race is a little further but looks really interesting and cool.


Out apartment was “torn” down this weekend as we transitioned some furniture from the living room..and had to wait about 24 hours to get our new furniture. It made space for lots of “activities” such as laying around, and pretending to be Japanese.


Here is a little preview of one of the couches that Allie picked out with her mom…


Grad school started back up again and so did Sunday’s at Starbucks & the library…seems like we didn’t have enough time off between semesters! This weekend I am headed to Seton Hall for “residency” where I will be reunited with my Learning Team and professors…and I  can’t wait because I have not seen them in a year. Plus I get my own hotel room…no sharing a bed with my sister who yells at me when I move even a toe…and no listening to my Dad snore (no offense Dad!).


If you haven’t read the book Unbroken you are definitely missing out. Louie Zamperini was named a “hero” and recognized for a lifetime achievement award in January’s Runner’s World magazine.  His story is incredible and inspiring.

This quote should set your Monday off on the right foot!

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