Some Weekend Snaps

Just some pics (snaps) from the weekend (and a few words too…you know by now that I can’t be quiet)…


made THIS banana bread…(reeses pieces & cups, PB, bananas)


it was really “healthy” (no). but delish (yes!)


You know your boyfriend is a keeper when he looks up  an 11 mile long run for you in his hometown…

there were even some cows along the way to keep me MOOOOOving (get it!??)…


He even thinks I can run up 25 million hills when I have done the majority of my training on a treadmill

(how sweet of him:)


Made THIS granola (in honor of PB Lovers Day which I hope you celebrated on March 1st!)

If not you can celebrate every day like I do…


Bought this and almost ate the entire bag for dinner on Saturday…


Went to a friends bridal shower where we painted wine glasses…

most creative and thoughtful shower that I have been to


My girl Krass (soon to be MRS POST!)


My beautiful master piece wine glass (may be quitting my day job to take this hobby on because I am THAT good)


Made THESE quinoa, zucchini, turkey meat loaves. (and will make again next week)


Currently drinking THIS tea…just in case I didn’t consume enough chocolate this weekend I am covered now…

BY the way…can you tell my lenten sacrifice (no chocolate) has gone to you know where??

MOM- how do you get pink paint out of a shirt???


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