The Wine Kitchen

My mom came to town on Wednesday after I begged and whined that my pregnant sister was getting “too much attention”. So I had to make it worth her while and try to win her over with snacks, drinks, and entertainment! I still think she will still chose the Rhode Island side of our family since the beach is closer! This is called “sibling rivalry” (soon to be grandson rivalry)


My flowers are blooming and make great (cheap too!) mason jar bouquets.


Hanging by the pool, catching up over some summery vodka drinks.  (I made my own blueberry infused vodka…another blog post on that later!)


Snack plates are a Tesoro fav…crackers, carrots, fresh guac, plantain chips, and some French cheeses!


My mom is the best and when I went to my internship I returned to find a large pot of an assortment of different herbs… my new favorite is to put some thyme in scrambled eggs

The Wine Kitchen


Last night for an early dinner my mom and I decided to check out “The Wine Kitchen” downtown Frederick. It is an adorable quaint “kitchen” style restaurant with lots of “little plate” dishes as well as gourmet style entrees. The wine was delicious too.


These olives were “to die for”! and my mom and I both commented that we felt like we were back in Europe with the European flair they had going on…


I didn’t take a picture of our meals but my mom had a decadent vegetable pot pie…and I had a Long Island Duck entrée with brown butter kale and new potatoes….very different, very delicious!


When we went to pick out which type of wine we wanted my mom had a grand idea to order “flights” of wine to sample. I had the “Local Flavor” and my mom had “House of Cabernet”…we both agreed almost all 6 of the wines were instant favorites!


The descriptions of each wine were written so perfectly with a gentle touch of humor.


This morning I woke up in Allie’s bed with this little girl who snuck in next to me last night.

Today my Dad joins us in Frederick for some pool fun, a trip to see Andrew’s new house, dinner, and some much needed relaxation! Yipeee!!


Happy Friday!

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