Big Breakfasts

On Saturday morning I spent a good portion of the morning preparing my parents a deluxe BIG breakfast. I think on the top of my favorite things is having a big breakfast on the weekends that can keep you full until dinner. Mission accomplished!


Paleo pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, and some scrambled eggs with fresh salsa (I even got my mom hooked on the salsa thing instead of ketchup!)


My parents loved how easy living is in the apartment world..they joked that apartments don’t have yards, stairs, or basements that flood. I was happy to have them but my sister and I would be terribly sad to not have our own rooms where our high school prom photo albums and old stuffed animals live. Plus, our family is growing (sooner than we think!) and we need that Bittersweet B & B:)


My mother made her homemade mac ‘n cheese that she was bringing to a party today for my cousins’ graduation party…I just want to say that she even picked up that the velveeta “cheese” she used in fact did not have one ingredient that listed “cheese”…JUST SAYIN….PAT just so you know your Mother in Law brought up the cheese ingredient…not me! I just tweeted about it;)


Hanging by the pool…it is always nice to see my parents relax…


Andrew joined us for our pool side happy hour and munchies..


We headed to another Frederick favorite…Olives


Love the art work…


The “star” of my three course meal were the lamb meatballs. One of the many awesome things about Paleo is that I have gone outside my “meat” normals and tried different meats other than my usual chicken. Although I am sure these meatballs had breadcrumbs in them I still enjoyed them, and even shared!


After my grilled artichoke salad, my entrée of salmon with more artichokes, roasted red peppers and some delicious yellow and green thin sliced zucchini came and I enjoyed every bite…Andrew got a pesto covered ahi tuna that was really incredible…he just bought a grill for his new house maybe he can make some ahi tuna for us!


I have finally (almost) perfected Paleo pancakes! I used the OMG pancakes recipe from Carrots ‘N Cake blog. We didn’t have syrup and my parents both agreed that they still tasted pretty good!

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!


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