A “Forced” Slow Down and a Very Special Birthday!

First, I would like to wish my Grandmother a very Happy Birthday!!!!


I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!! (you may soon be sharing your Birthday with the royal baby!!)


I am so lucky to have such amazing Grandmothers 🙂


Grandma and Pop Pop relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Montauk…They are the people who taught me how to be the beach bum I am today!!

Forced Slow Down

I was supposed to head to Reading, PA this weekend for a hair appointment to see my friend Ashley, a visit with my friend Sandy and Carrie’s shower…unfortunately God and my car had different plans for me and I was unable to go anywhere but here due to car troubles. To be honest at first I cried, I was upset, I was frustrated…but then once I realized I had an entire weekend to just relax and not be driving all over the place (first time all summer might I add!) I was so refreshed and had a really amazing weekend thanks to my roommate and my boyfriend for making it spectacular (and being my personal chauffer)!! It was what my body, my mind and my sanity needed after a few busy weeks over here with grad work and traveling. When in doubt, anxious, or stressed I have decided for me….it is time for me to slow down. Now if only I can ask the car mechanic to keep my car every weekend!




Bohan Garden Thoughts…:)


Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day and I sure hope you celebrated…I personally think you can celebrate this holiday every day of the year. This was from Debbie’s Soft Serve that is about .5 miles away from Andrew’s house in Smithsburg…thank God I only now disovered this since he has now moved out of his house and to Frederick or else I would’ve been visiting Debbie’s every day. (Mom it is a close second to Carvel!!)


And someone was struggling on Sunday from a fun night out in Frederick on Saturday night …:-)

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