Life Without Coffee

Another snow day…that would be number 9.  Tucker now sleeps in bed with me. Let’s just say I will need a nap at some point to make up for the times he woke me up mid sleep.





It’s been almost 6 days without coffee for me. I am trying to see if it helps with some digestive issues and so far so good. I was tired the first few days but now I feel pretty good! I have been having tea in the morning because I still need something warm to wake me up. My new favorite are loose teas from the tea shop in Frederick called Voila. This one pictured is called “A Slice of Heaven w/a Dash of Honey”. It is really yummy!


Isn’t my ducky tea infuser cute??


Last night I didn’t feel like venturing to the apartment gym so I did this 25 minute boot camp routine from PBF


Guess who I get to see tomorrow????


Yesterday I made these delicious Banana/Raspberry/Chocolate Chip Muffins…I also had blueberries so I made a batch with blueberries too to freeze for when I have upcoming visitors in the next few weeks! The recipe is found here at Sally’s Baking Addiction


As a snow day treat I made some bacon and eggs for Andrew and I to enjoy yesterday morning! Guess who still has bacon left over for this morning;)


Allie digging out her car. Hopefully we can go to the gym today!

Tomorrow I will do a Valentine’s Day Post:) Love you all!!


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