Please Bring Spring…

We are 5 days away from the official “start” to spring and I sit here on yet another snow day…thinking this is number 15? For real, thinking I didn’t move far enough south…In other news….



Seriously this kid, I just can’t get over how cute he is. His personality is the best. He is the best and he is SO loved!



I made him some pureed banana’s and his mama let me feed them to him, he likes banana’s just like his auntie!



Check out that big belly! Why is it SO cute for babies to have thunder thighs and big pot bellies?? I think it should be cute for at all ages;)


Yes Bennett, your Aunt is crazy and likes to talk selfie’s with you.


Prince Bennett (this was my “princess” towel from swimming)..Don’t tell his dad.


Bennett’s first bathroom selfie!


And then Hayden Grace was born…and then Rylee Charlotte was born and now Bennett has lots of girlfriends to chose from! These wee bitty bathing suits!? Too cute.


Grandpa reading books to his mini-me. Melts my heart.


No more snow! Rosie takes care of the snow blower when Tom travels. And no, she never complains about all of her duties;)


The beautiful Hayden Grace born on February 26th. So happy for Meghan and Jim.


Ash Caroll comes to visit us in Frederick! Way too much- fun, shopping, drinking and eating!


Tucker is ginormous. Like pony/horse ginormous. So lovable though and high energy (plus hairy)


That would be Hayden smiling. I love babies.


Meggie and I with her little one.

IMG_6943  IMG_6959

Bennett + Hayden= match made in heaven!


Tom’s Bloody Mary in prep for the Nova vs. G-town game.


We are converting him…maybe.


Long legs lug.


Wine and painting night with the roomie. No- Mom those are not foxes, they are trees. I found out I am good at drinking wine, not so much with the painting part.


Tucker and Lucy loving up on each other.


Spin the Bottle Wine Shop downtown Frederick…a new favorite I think!

IMG_7051 IMG_7054

Lucy in Tucker’s bed. Poor Tucker, every time he would get near her she would try to bite him. I don’t think she realizes who is bigger here!


The Bohan Men watching selection Sunday (Go Nova and PC)!


And Happy St. Patty’s Day from my kitchen. A “Lucky” fritata to get my snow day going. My apartment is super clean, I have done all my grad work and grading for the day, now it is time for a bath because why the heck not? What else is there to do!

After this weekend we are going to have some fun stuff coming up! (oh and did I mention I am training for a half marathon in May…my first race in over a year, better get running!)

  • Last weekend in March- Andrew and I go to see Bennett
  • April 5 and 6- Baltimore for Andrew’s work schtufff
  • April 7- Lagunitas Beer Dinner in Hagerstown for Andrew’s big 2-6!
  • April 12th- Flying Dog brewery tour and dinner with my parents and Andrews
  • April 14th-April 18th- Florida Vacay to see my grandparents and Hipps!
  • April 19th-21st- Easter weekend with the family

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