Run Lucky, Parsnips, and My New Fav Song

Yesterday I was feeling pretty fancy in the kitchen and decided to do a “lucky” fritata. I got the idea from SkinnyTaste I just added sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes. I have been on a fritata kick lately since my mom made me one when I was home. It is seriously so easy and it is like a little “egg” pizza and I love making a big one on a Monday and then have breakfast for a few mornings during the week. It makes my early mornings run much smoother (so does washing my hair at night!)



Last night I ran 3.75 treadmill miles. I was only going to run 3 but I finally felt like my running legs were back. Run lucky for sure! A day running for me is truly a great day. It is instant therapy.


Allie and I can’t get enough of this song. I told myself at 3.25 miles that I would only keep running if my iTunes radio played this song next…and it happened! It reminded me of the old Dollar Rum ‘n Cokes days at Bloomsburg when it got to be 1:30am we would say “If they play Cyclone we will stay!” usually we stayed no matter the song. Wow, things have changed! 🙂


Allie and I made Corned Beef and Cabbage in the crockpot for St. Patty’s…it turned out amazing. Allie was worried the meat wasn’t cooked through but it tasted fine to me and I am not dead (yet!). The cabbage, parsnips, and carrots were my FAVORITE part! I got the recipe here!


This is kinda gross looking, but I had to tell you all about my obsession with parsnips! They are amazing! I may be making cabbage, parsnips, and carrots every week! What the heck is a parsnip any way?? Is it a potato? Vegetable? I think it is a root veggie…whatever it is, it now has my heart!


I was so sad yesterday I couldn’t wear my green to school so I managed to wear my socks under my uggs today…Lucy photo bombed my pic!


This is my new favorite quote. I just read the lyrics or listen to the song by Ben Howard and I feel a whole lot better.

Tomorrow Allie and I find out if we got in to the Marine Corps Marathon! eeeeeks. I am nervous!! I can’t decide if I want to get in or not! I like that it is not in my hands! Have a great Tuesday! Andrew and I are off for a Tuesday Fro-Yo Date!!


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