I’m In!

Yesterday morning I received a pretty awesome email…


So it looks like I will be training for my 2nd marathon this summer! My family already has their room(s) booked for that weekend because lord knows I cannot run this race with out them!


Lucy wants to come this year too.


I was so excited about my race entry that I busted out 4 treadmill miles (a lot for me right now).


Best Date Night ever was Fro-yo with Andrew. I love ice cream + candy.


My quote from my “yoga quote” app. It’s a good one.


Last night at a class I have been taking for hours for my internship they had snack and nutter butters were involved. Last time I had these was probably in 2001. They are still amazing.

IMG_7089 IMG_7088

Last night I did some roasting. Roasted cabbage and roasted brussel sprouts (yes, that is bacon with those brussels). Will share recipes tomorrow.


Sweaty and feeling unsure about running on a treadmill the day before “spring”. Need to get outside for runs ASAP!

IMG_7096And Thursday night is now “Meat Binging” night. Since it is lent that means no meat on Friday which is difficult. So Thursday I get it all in. Leftover corned beef, brussels with bacon and some meatballs.


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