Be All There


Isn’t the weekend such a wonderful thing? I have enjoyed the last few weekends of being in Frederick and not traveling as much to various things. This weekend was so awesome. I have recently become obsessed with “quote apps” on my phone. This quote popped up today and it was a perfect one. I have been trying to be more “there” and mindful of really being present in day to day life instead of focusing on what is to come next.




Tucker and I enjoyed a 3.5 mile run on Saturday morning as the sun came up. He does really well on his runs. Do you think he could run 18 miles when I start marathon training?? He certainly can pull me up the hills.


Friday night is for relaxing with tea, Lucy, a new book, and some March Madness.


Andrew bought me this new favorite wine from a wine store we stumbled upon downtown called “Spin the Bottle”. It is a Malbec, you must try it!


Saturday morning Andrew and I drove to Newark, DE to give Lucy back to my parents and we met them at a great breakfast joint called “Home Grown Cafe”…I had a BLT + fried egg and I had to try and recreate it this morning. Success!


Last night Andrew and I used a gift card to Family Meal that Andrew’s parents gave us for Valentine’s day. Family Meal is owned by Bryan Voltaggio, who has been featured on Top Chef. He has a few restaurants in Frederick (his hometown)! It was so fun to get out and have a delicious meal. Andrew and I are becoming “Frederick Foodies” !

IMG_7141 IMG_7140


Our favorites are the brussel sprouts and duck fat fried potatoes.


I ordered the rockfish meal and it did not disappoint! I like when someone else prepares fish for me! Rockfish is a Maryland thing, because I have never had it in PA before!


I tried the “Rum Buck” which had Ginger Beer in it which gave this drink some great carbonation!

Andrew had meatloaf with mashed potatoes…it was a great comfort food! Whatever Andrew orders excites me because I know I can “steal” a bite! We ended our night watching the final True Detective…I thought it would be challenging to get to sleep after that one, but no problems there! I was exhausted!

This morning began with a great Body Combat class at the gym, I wish I could do this class more often but I am happy they offer on Sunday, the days I don’t have to run! I am now getting some grad work done at the Frederick Coffee Company! This was a nice break:)

A shout out to my incredible dad who is working on my taxes today! Thanks Dad!!

Hope you had a good weekend! Wherever you are today…be ALL there.

P.S. Only one of my final four teams remains. I will just be watching for fun and not looking at my bracket anymore I think! Next year Andrew or Pat will have to help me make my bracket;)

P.S.S—-I get to see BENNETT in 6 days!!


My little Miracle Man, I love you B!



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