Rhode Island

This post is long overdue. Things have been super busy for us the last few weekends…busy but good busy! Andrew and I ended our March with a visit up to Bristol to visit the Costello family. Although it was rainy and chilly, this little boy can make it bright in any city.


He was wondering “really my crazy Auntie is back taking pictures of me!?”



Before the rain hit I got a nice run in on the bike path in Bristol. It felt good to stretch my legs out after a morning of travel. The best part about flying is that we arrived by 8:30 and I was done with my run by 11:30!


Love seeing that water!


This is a little out of order but on Monday Andrew and I got to babysit. I am going to quit my job and be a live in Nanny with Steph and Pat:) Gave B a bath…he loved licking the toys, especially the duckie butt. He splashed and kicked his little tootsies. I think he is going to be a swimmer one day.


Bennett and his grandparents. So much family love. We are so lucky.

IMG_7191 DSC02609

Bennett aka my dads mini-me! Steph and baby Rylee! (Michelle and Freddie’s new addition…she is soooo precious).


Sleepy little girl.


Bennett loves his walker and crashes in to every thing. Kind of like his auntie Lizzy’s driving;)


Andrew hadn’t seen Bennett in a few months so he was excited to see how much he had changed.


Grammy confusing Bennett as he scratches his head.


Play time with the boys.


The Luxe Burger happened! It was still amazing even without a bun!


I miss him so much! Luckily Easter is right around the corner. I still can’t believe how much joy Bennett has brought to all of our lives. Every time I see him he changes more and more…becoming such a fun loving little boy who giggles and smiles at any one who will watch.


I think the cutest thing is how obsessed he is with his Grandpa. He sees my dad and just smiles so big and sticks his tongue out right away…they are truly best buds. (and twins too!)


On Sunday we got to meet the Maher clan for a great brunch at The Atlantic Grille (a Newport hot spot for breakfast).


All in all it was a great weekend in Rhode Island with family.

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