Easter 2014

In case you haven’t noticed I am a little back logged with posts from April…I guess that’s what the end of the semester does to ya! 30 page paper ridiculousness took up WAY too much of my time! Back to blogging feels so good!

Easter was a fabulous weekend filled to the brim with Bennett giggles, family dinners, Easter candy & baskets, visiting with Hayden and the McPoyles, a trip to Greenwich, and lots of time just spent relaxing and being together on Bittersweet Drive.


My mom and I arrived home on Saturday after we flew in later Friday night (from Ft. Myers) to BWI and Andrew was kind enough to pick us up. Luckily we all made it home to Doylestown safe and sound to meet up with my sister and my BIL who were traveling from Rhode Island. Poor Pat was sick Easter weekend.


On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Meghan’s parents house to have Bennett meet his girlfriend Hayden. Too much cuteness.


Hayden is a beautiful baby! I wish I could see her and my best friend more often. Hopefully I will get up to see her more this summer.


Bennett and I enjoyed a walk around the Lea on Saturday afternoon. He loves looking around at the birds and other parts of nature. It is so neat to watch this little boy explore his world.


On Sunday we got Bennett dressed to impress…all in white and of course stylin’ just like his Daddy and Grandpa.


Easter Sunday in Greenwich, Connecticut at my Aunt Tina’s is one of my favorite days of the year. The food, scenery, and the family gathering makes me feel so blessed.


A few of my gorgeous cousins…Michele, Maria, & Anna.


My Papa Sal is too cute with Bennett..he walks him around and I heard him give Bennett a huge kiss and say “You are my pride and joy little boy.”


Look who is crawling!? (And PS this is so my dad!)


Don’t worry Grammy made sure Bennett is ready for the beach! He has his suit, SPF shirt, and of course a bucket hat.


Monday was a great day spent at Kids Castle across the street…Bennett liked the swings…


But only for a little bit;) I think that turned up lip looks familiar…(I know how he feels!)


Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


3 thoughts on “Easter 2014

  1. Meghan

    LOVE 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again. Hayden says she can’t wait either. Want to be our live-in Au Pair for the summer? I know how much you miss being a nanny… except Jim and I don’t have the nice house and we can’t pay you. Love you!

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