Why I Love My Fitbit

I have a new gadget to share with you today! For a few months I  had been stalking a Fitbit Flex. After reading a few magazine articles, and hearing testimonies from my friends about how much they loved their Fitbit’s I decided I wanted to get in on this!

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(I just have to show you how stylish the Fitbit looks with Alex and Ani bracelets—see Sessy…you can still wear it all!)

I have Andrew’s mom to thank since she got me a gift card to Sports Authority and I was able to purchase my Fitbit right after Easter! I had also been looking at purchasing the Fitbit on Amazon. <—–Click Here to check it out!

The Fitbit is about $100, and there are a few other brands out there such as Nike and the Jawbone.

The Fitbit tracks steps, sleep, calories, and you can enter your weight and track food if you so desire. I downloaded the Fitbit app to my iPhone and iPad to make for easy tracking.

The Fitbit sets the step goal to 10,000 daily steps, but you can change the goal to a loftier one if you so choose.


This is my weekly summary. 92,311 steps and 41.36 miles stotal for the week, not bad! I actually have found I am exceeding 10,000 steps on most days now that I am in the hang of getting up and moving more. I actually feel weird when I have been sitting for too long..even writing this blog post:)

I also added Colleen and Courtney to my “friends” so we can “compete” with each other for the most steps. You can be my friend too when you get your Fitbit!

The first day I had my Fitbit I thought I would get 10,000 steps in with no problem…totally wrong! I had to park farther away, go for a walk during lunch, walk the “extra-long” way to the bathroom, and I also made sure to get up every 30-40 minutes to walk down the hallway. This device has been so eye opening to me on how much I thought I was moving and how much I really was moving. I have had the Fitbit for about 3 weeks and notice how getting up and moving more has become a part of my daily routine and I feel great knowing I am moving during the entire day and not just during my workouts (which by the way haven’t been to the gym since March 28th! But more on that in a later post).

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Tucker has been a HUGE help in helping me reach my 10,000 steps! Andrew has been traveling recently so I have been bonding with Tucker on our walks and it has been so much fun! I actually look forward to our morning, lunchtime, and evening walks. Even if it is just a 10-15 minute walk…it still counts! We need to change our mind set from thinking that if we don’t sweat puddles or pound away on the elliptical for 60 minutes we aren’t working out. This is life, and sometimes hitting the gym is not always doable on busy days…but walking, walking is ALWAYS doable. I have been amazed at how I can fit it in to my busy days…it is also a chance to put down the phone, tuck away your email for a few minutes and get some “you” time out in beautiful mother nature. Plus…Vitamin D is good for you:)

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And your dog will appreciate it too.

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Tucker pondering how much he loves that I have a Fitbit and he gets to come on my 10,000 steps with me…

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 6am sunrise walk… almost as good as a hot cup of coffee.



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