Karen’s Bachelorette Party in DC!

At the end of June I headed to DC with a group of 13 girls to celebrate my friend Karen at her bachelorette party! Her twin sisters rented a gorgeous and very spacious house near all of the DC hot spots. I am so embarrassed to say I have lived in Frederick which is about 45-1 hour away from DC and this was the first time I had really gone to sight see, eat, and drink in the city! It was so fun and I am sure I will be back within the year. I am lucky to live so close.


On Friday we took the metro to the American History Museum… I love that so many of the museums are free of charge and there is so much to see. Obviously when venturing a city with 13 girls it is difficult to see everything there is to see but it was a great “snapshot” of what DC has to offer.


Karen and Jenna! Karen’s cousin, Kate, cracked me up when we were exciting the metro that day she said “alright Capitol Barbie, where to?” So that coined Karen’s name for the weekend as #CapitolBarbie…


In order to see more of the city we took a double-decker bus tour, it was a beautiful (somewhat humid) afternoon and the breeze felt great on top of the rooftop of the bus.

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Here we are on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial! #margoforcongress


The White House was breathtaking…I know this sounds silly but compared to all of the other buildings in DC The White House is actually quite modest !


The first night out we went to two different rooftop bars. The second bar was actually a hotel called “The W Hotel” and you could see the Washington Monument at the top. It was incredible!

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The second night out we went to a delicious dinner to celebrate Karen…such a fun weekend!!

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The best part about the whole weekend was just getting to catch up with all of my high school girlfriends and meet new friends. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I can’t wait to celebrate the bride in September!

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