Do Less, Live More

I renewed my Domain subscription today to keep this blog up. Setting small goals always goes better for me then trying to accomplish or set the bar a bit too high. I am going to try and blog once a week, for now. I figure once a week is better then once every 6 months 🙂 Baby steps, baby steps.

When I last blogged on March 5th I was on a Snow Day. That was most likely one of my last snow days. I finished Grad. School in May, achieving my Ed.S (Educational Specialist) degree in Professional Counseling and my MA in School Counseling. I also studied my tush off and passed my National Counseling Exam in May. May was a pretty sweet month, and by sweet I mean….sweet as in….Love is Sweet.

May 2nd, 2015- Engaged!10458590_10100903092128319_4280046292227039668_n

And if you know me, or my mother you will know we had a church, venue, and photographer booked by the end of the month! June 18th is our wedding date. We are SO excited and have loved planning all of the big details of our BIG day.

I loved that Andrew proposed to me after my big exam, and after I had completed my Masters Degree. Andrew proposed on the top of Annapolis Rock after we hiked to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. It was a beautiful day and after I complained the way up about being hungry, and tired, that beautiful diamond on my finger made all of my hunger and agony go away…funny how that happens!

Summer came and went and it was incredible as it always is when you have amazing people + places to make it that way.

I learned this summer to slowww down. I completed a program from an app called Calm and it led me through 21 days of “Calm”/guided meditation. It has been pretty life changing. I try to incorporate meditation in to my everyday, somedays it is easier then others. There are so many lessons to be learned about mindfulness for me but for now I have taken away that for me doing less in my life is helping me to live more. I don’t mean doing less as in laying on the couch watching Orange is the New Black for 10 hours (although there are days when that happens). I mean saying no to things I don’t really want to do, or things that take me away from spending time with family and friends. I have been trying to get to work only 30 minutes before and leave 30 minutes after and I do not take home any work. This has been a huge adjustment for me, from the beginning of my school year last year when I would stay until it got dark and work on things when I got home.

I also deleted Facebook off of my phone because I couldn’t take the mindless scrolling that kept me up past my bedtime and left me a slave to everyone else’s happenings. I do check in on my iPad every once in a while since I do enjoy connecting with far away friends and family.

I stopped selling Silpada because I did not find it was bringing me joy anymore. It felt like a chore, something “else” I had to add to my to-do list which was already bursting at the seams.  I was yearning for time…time to hang out with Andrew at our favorite Happy Hour places, time to take Tucker for a leisurely walk every evening, time to readallthebooks.

Today when I look at my “to-do” list which is rare that I even write one anymore to be honest (other then the Wedding To Do) what I am left with is time to spend with Andrew and our Tucker boy, time with family and close friends, moving my body in fun and new ways (10,000 steps per day), and I have been on a BANG power dance kick lately (cue: doesn’t feel like a workout and can get all 10,000 steps in one hour + love the music) and cooking simple, easy, and healthy(normally) food for the table.

For me I leave one season and head in to school with guns a blazing ready to work, work, work, when what I really need to keep in mind are those lazy summer days and incorporate some of the pieces that remain of the feelings of those days in to the I’mtoobusytobreatheandthink weekday work days.

So my goal right now for the rest of this month is to blog once a week. Although it seems like not a lot, it fits with my life right now and I am digging it.

Birthday Shoutout to my Dad- yesterday he celebrated his birthday aboard an airplane to California…he then went to a SF Giants game, and today took a bike ride with Mama Rose over The Golden Gate Bridge.


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