Fall is Coming….

Tomorrow marks the first “official” day of Fall! The weather this weekend seemed to think otherwise. It was about 90 here on Friday and Saturday. Today was one of those perfect-weather days. We filled our day with lots of pumpkin….PSL at Starbucks after church, Pumpkin Chicken Curry (recipe posted below, it is a must try), and finished it off with a Pumpking (my favorite pumpkin beer). I would say we did a good job “ringing in fall”!

Pumpkin Chicken Curry Recipe

Yesterday we spent the day at Aunt Terry’s house hanging out with Doug, Andrew’s cousin who lives on the West Coast and was back in town for a few days. It was nice to have one last BBQ for the year. On top of writing thank-you notes and a trip to the dog park with some work friends today we had a pretty awesome weekend!

I am looking forward to having Wednesday off and getting to see my mom. I also take my Maryland Board of Counselors Law Exam on Thursday (really have not been studying).

If you are a looking for a new workout routine to do at home or really anywhere this is what I have been up to on days that I am not “BANG Power Dancing” !

I am working on uploading pictures from my phone to my Mac…so no photos today except for a realllllly old one that will get you in the mood for Candy Corn…


He will always be….Auntie’s Sweet Treat


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