You Hold the Power

Last Friday I received an email that I had passed my Maryland Board of Professional Counselors Law Exam. This means that I am now officially a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor. When I read the email congratulating me on passing my test I was on my way out the door for a run so I had some time to reflect.

It was a long journey for me taking on grad school while also trying to maintain my career in education. There were days when I really thought I would quit, and days when my anxiety and stress levels were off the charts. Thankfully I have a fabulous support system of family, friends, and co-workers who helped me through.

As hard as it was, and as long as it felt, it has taken me all summer long and the first few weeks of the school year to realize how worth every single paper, exam, and discussion board  were. I am so incredibly happy in my new career as a school counselor, and can’t wait to jump in to start working on my counseling hours to become an LCPC.

So I had this thought while I went on my run last Friday…That quote or saying that people say  “if you are unhappy with anything in your life, only you have the power and the means to change it”. It finally rang true for me. I was starting to begin feeling unhappy in my job as a Special Education Teacher and knew I needed a change. I needed a job that felt more fulfilling, so I made the leap, I took a risk and I am happier than ever. I think this statement that you “hold the power” is true in a lot of aspects of life…job, relationships, weight loss, becoming more fit, financial situation etc. I can’t help but think about my favorite Michael Jackson song, “Man in the Mirror”….You can either sit on your butt and complain about all of the things you are unhappy about in your life OR you can get off your tush, take a look in the mirror and make it happen by making that tiny change in your life that can lead to life long happiness. Reach for the bigger life, you certainly owe it to yourself.


(taken this summer in Sparta at The G’s new lake house)

2 thoughts on “You Hold the Power

  1. Maureen Greiner

    Wow so well said. I was so impressed with what you wrote. I am motivate even though totally exhausted from cleaning and unpacking at the house we are renovating then I got to the end of the post and OMG. I can go back and start again tomorrow.

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