Last weekend Andrew and I saw The Martian (iMax 3D is the way to go)…but this isn’t really about the movie. During the previews when Regal plays the roller coaster theme where the popcorn pops as you go down the mountain (we used to put our hands up and “ride” the roller coaster in middle school, I still can’t help but want to do this!) they make an announcement shortly after that says “when the lights go out we are all the same”. This got me thinking (as most of you know my mind goes on tangents quite often).

Connection is pretty amazing if you think about it. It is actually part of my job daily as a school counselor. All day I spend time making connections with students, teachers/staff, and parents.  I like to think about the connections with people outside of my job. The connection I experience at a movie theater, at a coffee shop, at a class at the gym. When feeling anxious or stressed it is often these connections that help us through a rough day. I think of the connection my mom made years ago working at None Such Farm with six women. Even though she no longer is a “farm girl” she still sees these women every few weeks to catch up over Mexican and wine.

Connection is every where. At the grocery store I once started talking to a couple about Wegmans and the produce section. I left the grocery in a smile, now in reflecting I realize it is because of connection. I also love the connection a dog park brings. I am sure those of you can relate with kids who take your kids to school, parks, play dates etc. Those little kids are making you connect with people you may never would’ve connected with!

I have been trying to think of new ways to make connections. And although connecting is easier then ever over social media/email/texting etc. I am talking about real, eye to eye, face to face, toe to toe connection.

I love the podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin. They talk about creating a group to connect. Book club, cooking classes, running clubs, etc. One of the simple ways they mention becoming connected is by watching the same TV show as co-workers. This way at the “water jug” you can talk about the latest Game of Thrones episode or the funny part in Modern Family. I love this. I have been talking with co-workers during lunch recently about TV shows, movies, and interesting restaurants.

I think what people crave now more then ever is feeling connected. So how can you connect with others in your daily life? Think of simple ways. You are not only benefiting yourself but also those around you with whom you connect with. Pretty rad.


One of my favorite (little) people to connect with. I love this moment!

One thought on “Connection

  1. Tom Tesoro

    Love this blog Lizzie. Had a ball at the Mets’ game last night with Papa Sal. Reminded me of going with you to a Phillies-Dodgers playoff game!

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