When Life Gets in The Way

2016 has been such a monumental year so far and it is not even half way completed! In short I began a new job as an off-site therapist for a counseling agency and left the school I was a teacher/counselor at for 4 years which has been a huge change. We put our house for sale at the end of March and it sold within 18 days…we move this weekend in with Andrew’s parents while we figure out where we want to live. And of course June 18th (our wedding day) is creeping up on us! All wonderful and exciting things…but life has truly gotten in the way this year.

This past weekend we celebrated a weekend of love and laughter at my cousin Jimmy and his new wife Lauren’s wedding. On Sunday with a bit of an “after wedding headache” I couldn’t help but reflect as I watched my grandparents cuddle with their newest Great Grand Child, Hudson, that this is all that matters. Family, happiness, and living in the moment. A baby can truly bring you back to that moment.

2016-05-01 12.28.28

Luckily with my new job I seem to have some more free time to do more of the things that I love…which includes blogging! So…stay tuned friends!



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