How I Am Currently Keeping My Anxiety in Check

I recently got an email from WordPress that my fee to keep this blog domain was due and I thought damn I really need to write something…so here we are! This is a topic that is heavy on my heart.

If you know me well you know I have struggled on and off with anxiety. I think anxiety has become a H U G E “buzzword” for pretty much every feeling of stress, overwhelm & fear. Anxiety in the DSM is described as on going worry and anxiety that is excessive and lasts longer than 6 months. This type of diagnosable anxiety is crippling, it gets in the way of daily life activities, and truly sucks all of the fun and joy out of life…and it is very difficult to control (so telling someone with anxiety to just “calm down or chill out” is not very helpful).


I thought after having a baby that my anxiety would rear its ugly head due to hormones and the postpartum blues but for me it didn’t (and with that I know I am a lucky one because many, many, many mothers struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety- if you are one of them PLEASE do not be fearful or feel defeated if you need to seek help, you are the true hero and warrior).

I just wanted to share a few ways in which I have been keeping my anxiety in check. Please know that I still have moments or days of anxiety and excessive worry but it has not been as debilitating to me as it used to be. I also have not needed to go back on Lexapro (an anti depressant/anti anxiety medication). I will be up front and say I am a huge proponent of using medication when it is necessary and opens you up to actually using coping skills to get through your anxiety). If you can’t even get out of bed or handle life, medication can be that vehicle to get you moving and tackle your anxiety once you are able to feel a smidge better.

Here are the ways I am keeping my anxiety in check (I say keeping “my anxiety in check” because true anxiety never completely disappears, but just like any other illness you can learn how to manage the symptoms):

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